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  1. Yeah I get this too but I always just switched to chrome or brave
  2. No no don't touch me there this is my no no squa- wait no.
  3. M8 you got me in to GP you taught me the rules, you helped me warden, you supported me and finally, you helped introduce me into the community. it's sad that you're going but I will always remember this sentence no matter how dead or old the joke is. Gamers rise up.
  4. I dislike the app and it's over the top conceited people
  5. Mod: Mario (all the way) Admin: Sleeping Forest Server Manager: Majestic Co-owner: Mike Owner: ME
  6. Cha-Chλ!!

    Mod+ Meeting

    sorry, once again my timezone makes it really challenging to get to these. If I can keep myself awake I will join but otherwise I think maj will record it.
  7. @Assassin Mike this appears to be in the wrong section, it should be in the chat lounge right?
  8. I play with my yo-yo 0 \ | / \ O (That was meant to be ASCII art
  9. thats how the cool fleek kids do it nowadays!
  10. Thanks for being around, though you are leaving I expect you will always be welcome back if you want
  11. SOrry i thought you we’re a girl am i wrong?