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  1. really enjoying siege and fall guys right now
  2. idk I just called my self cha cha cos my name is charles
  3. a Wilhelm scream?
  4. flame me one last time I wanna hear headass 40 times a second
  5. I will be honest there are pros and cons to a private comment system on mod apps. on the pros you would gain more open feedback on peoples opinion of the applying members. butn some cons would be the loss of the ability for people to show those problems and let people think about it from that perspective.
  6. Cha-Chλ!!

    Mod+ Meeting

    can't come due to timezone differences and fear of waking up my family. I might show up if I can keep myself awake!
  7. fuckin luv ya element!
  8. I think that warnings would make it too easy for ts and would make t more challenging. I always like walking on the edge of the wardens patients for he fun and risk
  9. I would play but my PC can't handle the game --.--
  10. so simply joining the game? what would stop people form leaving and rejoin to farm credits?
  11. I am confused about what this means but playing over time does earn you credits, if that's what you mean
  12. Thanks for the fun man!
  13. Cha-Chλ!!

    Mod+ Meeting

    I can't participate due to timezone differences. I am sorry.
  14. how many lizzards have you unzipped?
  15. Cha-Chλ!!

    Best Warden

    I heard @Chaos Bosswould be a good warden if he could aim