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  1. Sorry as an Aussie I don't know what Sonic is could someone fill me in
  2. PERVERT!!!! Ugh, begone foul creature. ( No joke he's pretty cute)
  3. MY people will declare war on Wildfire if she won't stand down
  4. doesn't do anything for me.
  5. How do you guys like to deal with being sick? I like to have showers.
  6. Shame I just got into Gmod
  7. YAY!! My first memory of the server was loading up a razor map to see a chat full Lenny faces. then when I used my mic people asked if I was 8. good times
  8. Hey, guys, my PC is now dead and my mum and dad won't get me a new one for games so all I have is a mac which is 64-bit. Luckily, I might be able to start playing again after Christmas. I will be active on discord and can play some Minecraft (java) but I just wanted to say thanks for the fun while it lasted! Cha-Cha real smooth
  9. Hey, guys, I wanted to know what your favourite Minecraft Redstone machines are? maybe I can make a few.
  10. i can talk in a few hours not now sorry
  11. I am building a new PC but I'm extremely broke, I want to know if I should buy used or new parts. Thanks!