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  1. Hey, guys, my PC is now dead and my mum and dad won't get me a new one for games so all I have is a mac which is 64-bit. Luckily, I might be able to start playing again after Christmas. I will be active on discord and can play some Minecraft (java) but I just wanted to say thanks for the fun while it lasted! Cha-Cha real smooth
  2. Hey, guys, I wanted to know what your favourite Minecraft Redstone machines are? maybe I can make a few.
  3. i can talk in a few hours not now sorry
  4. I am building a new PC but I'm extremely broke, I want to know if I should buy used or new parts. Thanks!
  5. do it or you get Perma-banned
  6. Cha-Cha


    what do you guard?
  7. I have only just noticed that the Zombie game mode was no longer on the front page.
  8. If I "win" can my 20$ be donated to GP and if so, will i get donator tag? Edit: my timezone won't let me play