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  1. this is a pretty moronic reason to leave -1 denied
  2. some of these are kinda meh ... like the nades unless it harms or takes life off of a ct and a nade is thrown it should be okay thats basically saing kos if a ct tells them to chuck it either way some people dont want them and throw it into a random or harmless spot feel like some rules are making this jb a little too strict
  3. since 2013 started out in a community meeting connor mcsexy there
  4. i had a backback boof looked like a backpack with a small keg boofing it into my butt getting real drunk
  5. hello im choccy jacent and im an alcoholic
  6. you played with me dont be dumb dumb qt
  7. no halo wars but idc cuz i hated it its only the master chief collection
  8. thats a big dissagree for me and id rather have halo no kniock offs
  9. idk if anyone else is as excited as i am to play halo on steam but if you are whats your favorite halo game in the master chief collection and why. mine has to be halo 3 for multiplayer but tbh reach did have a nice forge mode and infection mode
  10. i think looking at this gave me the will to kill myself