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  1. Well, back in April of 2016 I snapped my wrist in half racing MX. Had to have surgery on it which got me 3 pins added to the ‘Dumbass Collection’
  2. November 25th, gonna be 23 this year.
  3. pubg on xbox or pc because fortnite is trash
  4. mw2 is by far the top best Cod, after that Bo3 just because the xbox one elite controller lol
  5. my only struggle is working too damn much and not having enough time to game.
  6. I joined a server that had indiglow in it and the name just fit so well...
  7. What do y'all do for work? I work at an oilfield shop building wellheads and frac trees in Odessa, Texas.
  8. I drive a 2015 oxford white stage 1 Roush mustang.
  9. Potato chips and Mtn Dew is my go to every time!
  10. My name is Steven and I go by 'YouKidsAreAutistic', formerly known as EgN| Ray Romano, but as many of y'all know, that clan died. I look forward to meeting y'all and playing in the servers.