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  1. Hey dudes thanks for my time here, don't really play CSS too much anymore and I don't have too many friends here Thanks everyone and good luck
  2. Lmfao, I never thought I would see humorouscharles again, but here he is. This is no man, but an enigma, sent from hell to reign death upon any unsuspecting gaming clan. GP, I wish you luck, you're gonna need an exorcist when Charles is done with this place.
  3. Just chillen man, got on earlier today for a bit. Mostly just been making music and playing WoW lol
  4. I have a 7 string schector XL Recorded with a scarlett solo 2i2 and used Ableton 10 lite to mix the tracks -Appreciate the feed back, its not really a song or anything I was just trying out my new equipment and this was the first thing that happened so.. lol
  5. Had to edit, the link it was corrupt for some reason, should work now
  6. I made a lil diddle with my new guitar
  7. Hey all, havent logged into steam in about a month, been consumed with work Taking a break for an unspecified amount of time hope all is well!
  8. Sorry man its a rough life as a T We act like we like each other but at the end of the day, everyone wants LR No one safe No regards
  9. Haha I will kill every T next to me, I cant help it, against the rules or not. You're dead if team killing comes on lmfao
  10. lmfaooooooooo Been in que for 4 hours. Still have 5,190 people to wait on. 233 minutes left.
  11. Dwarf warlocks dont exist in vanilla :[
  12. Nick Cage ┼

    Drinks ??

    I don't drink too often, but if I'm sipping on something, my drink of choice is Woodford Reserve, neat
  13. Ill be on at 3pm launch, Playing alliance on Grobbulus (RPPVP)