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  1. Hey all, havent logged into steam in about a month, been consumed with work Taking a break for an unspecified amount of time hope all is well!
  2. Sorry man its a rough life as a T We act like we like each other but at the end of the day, everyone wants LR No one safe No regards
  3. Haha I will kill every T next to me, I cant help it, against the rules or not. You're dead if team killing comes on lmfao
  4. lmfaooooooooo Been in que for 4 hours. Still have 5,190 people to wait on. 233 minutes left.
  5. Dwarf warlocks dont exist in vanilla :[
  6. Fuck yeah dude, Punks not dead
  7. Nick Cage ┼

    Drinks ??

    I don't drink too often, but if I'm sipping on something, my drink of choice is Woodford Reserve, neat
  8. Ill be on at 3pm launch, Playing alliance on Grobbulus (RPPVP)
  10. Hey dude welcome! Oh and check out that GTAV post a couple of us play as well, all of our social club names are in it, hit us up!
  11. Dude your PC is probably god like lol Edit*( to pertain to the actual post lol) I have a 1080 ti, got that 1tb SSD and moved my OS to it, smooth enough to run most games so I'm contempt.
  12. This is about to be the new razor, cant wait hella stoked. Maybe disco in the back room where Ts spawn on normal. If you have the ability - Make an entrance to an underground(Where the CTS spawn, keep going straight and under that far window in that concrete corridor) where you can make a completely new layout and add like 6-8 games, wipeout,dodgeball etc. Might help to "jailbreak" up the map a little so its not so vanilla lol. Anyways dude can't wait for this thank you for taking the initiative, if I can some how help in anyway or test in alpha let me know
  13. *Gets AWPED from garage secret*