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  1. CSS and used to play a LOT of ARK survival evolved... To the point the owner of the game banned us all from ever server
  2. wtf did i just click on O.o lmfaoooooo
  3. LOL did they actually think people would like this!
  4. never once had that happen and ive had netflix since day 1 and used VPN to browse every country
  5. Been great playing in game with you man. Welcome to the forums
  6. Awesome adjustments. Going to be much smoother for the community in game now. @Shawn and @DemDunderBuds You guys are awesome thanks heaps for taking the time to make the game better for us.
  7. When i was 9-10 years old there was a shop across the road that had cement pillars ( where cars park and one had hit it making it lose) My brother decided to try and lift it and couldn't. As a result it started falling, i thought i could stop it and went to catch it and yeh, Smooshed hand. All i remember was the first minuet of the ambulance and my 5 fingers needing key hole surgery.i can still use my hand with no complications at all i was super lucky with how well they repaired it. Thats prob my worse oh and having 1 shot of spirictus polish vodka and then waking up in hospital being re sussed. We have fun in AUS lmao
  8. Thanks everyone Been real great playing with you all so far!
  9. i put my stuff in my magi mix i press mashed potatoes and BAM! mashed potato for days.
  10. The Snitch


    aweeeee i LOVEEEEE the aldi RS4 sports. Such a nice car but not for 110k
  11. Good girls is a underrated one. Animal Kingdom, The good place (another underrated) Black mirror. HAPPY! is cooked but great. Final space (cartoon) and Big mouth.
  12. Will do if it does again That would be awesome but it already gets pretty hectic with the CT to T ratio more would be sooo crazy