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  1. Me and my friend wrote an offensive paper, which included some R A C I S T things on it, it was pretty weird to explain when my teacher found it, because it said things about hitler and my teacher was jewish. Good times.
  2. Yes its a bug, this dude explains it well lol
  3. Really dont know what to say but im pretty sad to see this message, hope to see you again. Best of luck my friend and hope everything turns out ok.
  4. yes

    New PC

    Im looking to get a new PC for around under $700, any suggestions?
  5. AK-47, because even with armor its a 1 shot headshot unlike the M4
  6. Im playing minigames and theres music in the background, so i go to type !stopmusic to turn it off. As soon as i enter this command my FPS goes from 100 - 200 fps, to dropping to 8 - 10. It could be the map i was playing, but im not 100% sure, as it could also be a problem with the plugin.
  7. We need this 100% I think it would stop many more MFKs on the server.
  8. 135 hp seems would be WAY to OP for CTs in my opinion
  9. yes

    Most Jumps Lr

    I think its an unfair lr, mainly because Ts always have the advantage.
  10. yes

    Most Jumps Lr

    The race LR is highly abused by Ts when CTs dont know where the end is
  11. Probably the only one here who uses Windows 7