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  1. Thank you guys loads. I'll work on it when I can and post the updated one soon.
  2. When I was 6 or 7 I was being my usual dumbass self and was jumping from metal bench to metal bench. Slipped, fell, and busted my nose wide open on the corner of it. Had a dime sized hole on the bridge of my nose and got 7 stitches.
  3. Ape Escape 1 was my childhood. Little known fact, Spike is the name of that spikey red-haired monkey catching shithead. Liked it and never really felt the need to change it since.
  4. So I casually mentioned that I'm looking for work and that I'm having issues getting hired, and about 5 different people asked to see my resume, soooo Obviously I removed any personal data, but I guess look it over and give me some advice? gpresume.docx
  5. That's the one. Mr. Spike, in the flesh. Glad to see that there is a place everyone could go to, and what a better leader than indi himself. Hot damn.
  6. Hey punks. I guess I'm back. If you know, you know. Who all lives on in GP that recognizes me?