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  1. my roast: you look like a mix between the shaggy from the live action scooby doo and the meme of that chad drawing from chad
  2. this mans dead body is getting a tan
  3. im using hp pavilion cwa moniter i had 2 but one "broke" so im using a older hp moniter instead
  4. Kingston Hyperx Cloud Core very good headset and mic and is noise canceling very nice headset
  5. i like css because there is almost no hackers and the fact that the game still cost money and that people have found better cheats and shit for csgo makes css way better in comparison also most cheats are detected for css
  6. Stoopid

    Songs You Like

    one of my favorite songs that i listen to alot is Breakfast in heaven
  7. when i playing i see 2 people who are blue and its always the person who was warden last round and the warden of that round and it can make it hard to tell who the real warden is...