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  1. Love you posty hope everything works out especially with da trump bucks $$$$ :^)
  2. Everything i can find from googling just revolves around changing steam download location, flushing dns, reinstalling steam, and clearing steam download cache.
  3. ???? i didnt download anything when i joined the server first time it just uses default models idk what you mean.
  4. I think 10 is too high but i think similar maps should share cooldown ie razor is played every razor clone gets put on cd for 2 map changes while the 1 that was played is put on delay for 5 or w/e the number is.
  5. i expect nothing then? Also you should use compile pal https://compilepal.ruar.ai/ better compile times and its autopacking is pretty damn good also just use snipping tool
  6. So if anyone can beat 18 mins ill give em all my creds this offer is valid until ninja chris gets 18 mins in css i currently have 10,346 creds
  7. Basically just make sure you got the latest version of stripper and add the stripper cfgs to addons -> stripper -> maps Everytime a map is loaded it will load the stripper fix with that map name in that folder Creating a stripper is ez but it takes some getting used to so if anyone needs help i can help em
  8. you could always add more spawn points with a stripper cfg I think it would be good for an event or something but not for 24/7 use
  9. ez fix this time for mg_lego_multigames_v2.cfg Fixes ct goal soccer goal. It was moved 16 units forward in relation to the goal compared to the t side. Moved it to where it mirrors t goal. Fixed music not being affected by music slider Fixed rotating blocks at spawn killing you (this is disabled later so soccer balls can kill you) Lowered the sound of soccer whistle from 10 to 7 (seemed too loud when testing reduced it)
  10. Another stripper fix? Makes the music affected by your music slider. i have an idea on why !stopmusic lags the client with this maps music but when attempting to fix it, it broke more things. You can no longer get two songs playing at the same time (unless someone else is up top?) should stop people dying from the rotating blocks / door (hopefully doesnt make it so people can block doors and cheat that way?) an attempt at stopping people from glitching in knife arena mg_dream_xmas_edition_3.cfg
  11. A big fix this time for jacs multigame what it does is hopefully makes it so you cant get gimped by the rotating blocks in spawn. the other thing it does is makes it so that the knife arena cant be fucked easily. props will now block it so people cant bhop over the whole knife system was redone so (hopefully) the only way the round wont progress is if people dont do shit this took a lot more work because of retardation on my part. also ty ninja chris for some help EDIT: fixed music not being affected by music slider final edit: thought of a way where 2 doors might open? fixed by adding a slight delay. mg_jacs_multigame_rfix.cfg
  12. Anotha stripper i just made what this does is stops the doors from killing you (hopefully). Disables crush damage doesnt re enable since there is no point in doing that. mg_n64_goldeneye_v2.cfg
  13. So the reason i entspy fixed instead of getting a stripper to begin with is testing a stripper w/o a server is a pain. This however is an ez fix and i decided i would just local host a server with a stripper plugin installed to test. This is a fix for the map that wouldnt require anyone to download any new maps. So hopefully you just use this and install the stripper plugin. mg_scary_course_v3.cfg