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  1. So it just needs to be added to the list for the plugin to work? Cause if thats the case i know mg_aer_fabula_v1b and mg_rota_derp_v1 are similar course maps that need the plugin working. (and serpentis ofc)
  2. I love this man and have known him forever
  3. No, mousescrolling to bhop won't get you banned in most normal circumstances. It will ban you however if you have a hyperscroll i.e. you scroll and your scroll wheel keeps spinning super fast. Now I will explain the data admins see when they check your jump stats, and it might help you understand bhopping and the ways to cheat it better. Flagged: 0 || Perf: 56.4% || Avg: 3.6 / 329.6 || PLAYER_NAME_HERE<CLIENT_INDEX_HERE><STEAM_ID_HERE><> || Map: MAP_NAME_HERE || Last: 5 4 4 6 4 4 2 5 4 4 6 4 4 6 3 4 3 2 2 2 2 5 4 5 5 3 5 3 6 4 Basically there are 2 important things to look at the perf and the numbers after last. The perf is basically how well they are hitting their jumps and a good player can reach really high perf (70%+) making them look suspicious. The next thing you should see is the numbers after last. They are basically the # of jumps the player did after they are off the ground and until they hit the ground again. This is what a player who is bhopping with mousewheel will usually look like. It could be more jumps inbetween or some jumps might be crazy high or really low. Even if it was higher average jumps like 10 jumps it could be because of their mousewheel scrolling more. Either way their jumps will always be a little inconsistent. If your just starting to bhop you don't have to worry about being banned, you just wont be good enough for the system to think your cheating. Flagged: 0 || Perf: 4.0% || Avg: 21.6 / 325.3 || PLAYER_NAME_HERE<CLIENT_INDEX_HERE><STEAM_ID_HERE><> || Map: MAP_NAME_HERE || Last: 23 21 21 33 18 20 22 21 10 3 19 24 21 22 21 20 20 20 21 22 21 22 22 21 22 20 20 23 22 21 A hyper scroll will look like this and just spam a ton of jumps. They are also usually really bad unless you know what you are doing. I believe their is some way to limit fps to make them better and other weird tricks, but really it is better to use a macro or hack instead, so personally i dont think they should be bannable unless obviously using it in a unfair way. Some mice, keyboards, or programs will allow you to create macros/scripts which basically jump for you when you hold the assigned key or toggle it. (razer synapse, authotkey, or a cfg are examples) Basically they will either spam jump or jump perfect for you before you hit the ground. They are most noticeable on a flat surface. Flagged: 1 || Perf: 76.0% || Avg: 19.7/ 279.7 || PLAYER_NAME_HERE<CLIENT_INDEX_HERE><STEAM_ID_HERE><> || Map: MAP_NAME_HERE || Last: 20 20 21 20 20 20 20 20 21 20 20 20 20 20 21 15 21 14 19 15 17 18 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 pattern jumps Flagged: 1 || Perf: 76.0% || Avg: 19.7/ 279.7 || PLAYER_NAME_HERE<CLIENT_INDEX_HERE><STEAM_ID_HERE><> || Map: MAP_NAME_HERE || Last: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 4 1 1 1 1 pattern jumps While they can send out similar results as a hyperscroll if its 70%+ perf with high jumps like that it doesn't matter what it is since its not legit and clearly unfair. They can also have a longer delay between jumps to still get a good perf and may just be consistently all 1's or 5's etc. the only thing that would mess them up is uneven ground because they were designed for even ground. Really the difference between a hyperscroll or macro doesn't matter if they are benefiting from it in an unfair way. These are all currently bannable but they wont get you vac banned or w/e so do it on any server you dont care about ;). Hacks on the other hand you inject into your game and will get you vac banned. I wont describe their patterns since really they can be modified any way the user wants. If the hack is good enough you can force yourself to look legit and stay at below 70% perf consistently. Or be 90% perf with all 1's for jumps regardless of terrain.
  4. Here is a tip you may want hammer patch if you are making it mostly surf. https://github.com/crashfort/HammerPatch Its not necessary for normal mapping but with surf you will have curved ramps which will be off grid. When you save and load the vmf the brush will move slightly if its off grid and will mess up collisions causing people to get stuck in some areas. Only downside is it will take more time to load the map so I would probably wait to use it till your actually building the surf.
  5. Idk what songs your using or their size, but aside from converting them to mono you can lower the bitrate. 128 bit rate should be the max you use but it will still sound relatively good quality in 90 kbps.
  6. Build its just playing with really expensive and delicate legos
  7. Well the red are visleafs that determine what is rendered for you and what isnt. Every brush will create a new visleaf. So this can lead to many unnecessary amounts of them that will hinder performance and compile time. TopHattwaffle Has a great guide on it if you want to know more but i can show the basics at least. Here is an example on goldeneye the hallway I am facing doesnt have the entire hallway already loaded in, but if I move into that first diagonal visleaf more of the hallway and what it leads to will pop in. and as we move into the other visleaf more things will be rendered So a visleaf is basically data of where the player is and what they can see from where they are. Those tiny visleafs the fountain/climb create do nothing at all just hinder compile time and performance. This is why previously a lot of the underground was rendered above ground and vice versa. Visleafs/Source engine is dumb unless you are in corridors or hallways. Thats why hint/skip and even areaportals are there so you can make it smarter.
  8. I love how you changed some brushes to func_details so I will point out more that should be changed I would change stairs in general to func_detail Here is just two pictures to show how weirdly it messes with the visleafs. Second the tiny support beams and any other really tiny details like this. Now those things are mostly minor but the big one which i didn't point out before was both the climb and middle fountain. Here is the most sfw picture I could get of how oddly it generates visleafs. Here are the two nsfw pictures of it. Also when playing offline I tested if you could tk if friendly fire was enabled the round before. You could not, so I must say I am disappointed you fixed that but I understand why. Also overall I saw 20-30 more fps in this new version. That is not counting being underground which on this new version I was at a 300 fps limit, and the old version I was jumping between 180-300 all the time down their. Great work so far!
  9. Looks nice so far but a couple thoughts. 1. Maybe clip your stairs. They are tiny enough your head doesnt bob too much, but I prefer them to all be ramps xd. 2. Basically what biggles said a lot of the map is being rendered when it shouldnt be. The entire basement can see most of the map and the same goes with the surface level. Hint and skip will help with that a lot. Also you should turn some things into func_details like these and also the area in the sky which says who made the map, and possibly even the towers. Doing that would also cut down a bit on compile time and map size. also make this roof 1 brush so you dont see the weird shadow thing Ask biggles on hint and skip since he volunteered :^)
  10. The only real choice is a shaman