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  1. cold. becasue it's australia, motherfuckers gunna get heat stroke.
  2. what music did ya put in the disco?
  3. Fairy gone is decent imo
  4. 2 broken arms (managed to get the exact same spots both times) 2 broken noses 1 broken rib. nurmerous cuts.... from sharp objects i shouldn't of been playing with. metal hole punch through a finger. all before i was 15. most recent was a concussion, i work in a hotel. coming out of the public bathrooms.. leaning forward slightly to reach door, guest comes shoulder barging in and get cracked on the skull just above my eye with the corner of the door.
  5. Hello. I'm canadiandoktor, won;t bother with me real name IM an aussie. I play CSS when im not in the mood for Ring of Elysium. so yeah hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii