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  1. Two chicken-fried steaks with gravy and sliced onions; a triple-patty bacon cheeseburger with fixings on the side; a cheese omelet with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and jalapeños; a bowl of fried okra with ketchup; a pound of barbecued meat with half of a loaf of white bread; three fully loaded fajitas; a pizza topped with pepperoni, ham, beef, bacon, and sausage; a pint of Blue Bell ice cream; a slab of peanut-butter fudge topped with crushed peanuts; and three root beers. Lawrence Russell Brewer
  2. every single plugin is disabled besides the hud thingy that shows hp for mobs
  3. woah woah woah wait mcmmo enable that right now
  4. some off brand mouse xd 800 dpi and 5 sens in game
  5. css would have stayed on 0.2 hours if cuong didnt want me to play css, hasn't even been 2 months and almost 300 hrs
  6. pub, jb, mg, sk for my small time on css casual, mm, mg, ffa dm, and like 1 minute of bhop on csgo i havent played csgo in a while and i'm enjoying css more
  7. there is nothing wrong with rebelling. if peoppe want to have fun and that is their way of having fun, leave them be. it gives challenge to the CT team, which they try to maintain control. there's no rules for T besides general rules, and use of armoury/secret past 2:30. people dont want to be CT, nor do they need to unless stated by staff. i don't see why you would be mad at the Ts. if they prefer to play as a T, yhey do what they want. like it or not, it's the T's way of playing jb after all. i myself when playing T like to "rebel and shoot people" as i see it being fun. another answer to the topic question above, maybe people see a 2v15 being fun, balance will always be an issue, as there is no way there will always be people who want to play as CT. maybe the people who do swap to CT don't like playing as it themselves. it all goes down to the player, and their opinion i play pub, but it's never as populated as jb. you should play pub @Vatts
  8. credit farm tyty i play CT way more than T, because no one really wants to play it. it is challenging to get control of heavily T sided maps, but it's still fun. i really only play a team depending on mood
  9. osu, cs:s, touhou xx (as in numbers)