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  1. mirrakh


    I think pardons should be allowed for use always, but not allowed through favoritism. Getting a certain CT or any CT killed and then getting a pardon from the warden repeatedly is unfair, and shows favoritism. A problem that occurs is that since the rebel can decide what to do before they're killed, they can wait a long time, then ask for a pardon when they don't have any other beneficial decisions. This inevitably delays the round and can be frustrating, but could instead be solved by having CTs hunt the rebel down. Pardons should be used in fair situations as well as progression of a round, but not be used as a way of favoritism by killing a certain CT and then getting away with it through one.
  2. Milestone of 3000 topics on the forums, have a good weekend everyone.
  3. Water is the best beverage
  4. didnt flightreacts make that shitty off me song lol I guess my favorite streamer is CoconutB, I've known the guy for a while. I usually just watch shmup streams or his stream.
  5. most maps have the console tell if the minigame choosing was specific or random, or having the choosing be able to be seen by everyone, at least for the popular maps that are played on mg
  6. imo it should just be not picking the map back to back, with the random option being excluded from the rule
  7. mirrakh

    Course Timer

    Melody wants timers on course maps. I personally see nothing wrong with adding a timer on them, just making it more of a challenge.
  8. Nipper House should definitely not be a pug map. It's way too small and isn't really a teamwork based map. It should be a gun game map instead like terminator said.
  9. Our winner is Conquest, who got 19:53. Check the console for proof that he beat it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1964526199
  10. map shouldn't break in 20 minutes, and yes, a fix is incoming soon by !nickelplated45