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  1. i have nice cars usually so shoes dont really bother me
  2. currently in the fleet are 2 toyota surfs (known as 4 runners in the states) and a ldv van (our camper)... In the past Ducati Monster 696 2 mazda bongo vans 4wd delica 8 ford falcons (skidcars) 2004 toyota hiace van refitted with a 13b engine sr20det nissian s14 toyota caldina toyota camery about 9 subaru legacys (i brought to part and sell) 2 mitibushi l200 utes from early 90s mazda bounty ute (still own just in storage) 1982 new zealand assembled toyota corona tt132 liftback (in storage will never sell) and more... I make alot of money from flipping cars and many are missing from this list
  3. Do you like fantasy? i just started reading a series called the book of deacon... first in the series is free on kindle ive brought the other 4 and cant stop reading it get killed for afk in jb for it and all...
  4. Does this include halo wars?
  5. We lived in a 4wd delica if you know what that is... 2 people and a dog and it was fine... we moved round working at bars to make cash or other random stuff... also seasonal work like apple and kiwifruit picking is quite good over here atleast you just have to save your money so you can move on to your next money maker... we are assisted this time by Whitebait season coming uo so ill be on the side of a river for the next 3 months fishing... be resourceful and dont be afraid to take a risk
  6. @Element115 thanks man done it before so we know we love it... good luck with everything and keep up the wicked wardening
  7. @Tring thanks man.. good luck it doesn't have to be a instagram build just get on the road even if its the weekends.... we lived in a tiny Japanese van for 18 months and it was awesome...
  8. @cleezus message me on discord bro ill still be checking on that
  9. I'm leaving for a unknown amount of time... On the 20th of August my partner and I are moving into a van to travel our home country of New Zealand... Once we have our solar and portable Wifi sorted I will be back... It could be a week it might be years. Good luck with all guys and I hope all can achieve their dreams... Thanks for all the good times Your friendly and local !3lueberry
  10. Anybody have any monents in animated movies that they get cut up? I cant get over mufasa dying even after 25 years
  11. trim the side burns bro and tidy the bottom up otherwise let it grow bro
  12. mine is the Aug as it had zoom and decent damage
  13. Peaky blinders is a crazy series set as the dust settles after world war 1... True Gangster shit going on...
  14. !3lueberry

    Good Anime

    Initial D is a must watch if you like cars