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  1. i like squirrels those little guys are crackheads
  2. getting demoted really got to you huh?
  3. i was surprised the gamer word wasn't allowed
  4. Nice setup on the ram would love to see a picture Im trying to fit some 20x10 with a 35x12.5 tire on my 14 silverado 1500 with a 5 inch lift, my dumbass tried to fit them with a 2 inch level and cracked the front bumper it was rubbing so hard lmao
  5. bind [key] "toggle cl_crosshaircolor 1 2 3 4 5" changes the color of your crosshair when you press the key
  6. give him a treat he looks sad af
  7. GTR style front bumper looks clean never seen it on a genesis before
  8. This is my clapped out ricer.
  9. 1. If the cell doors are opened before warden gives orders or leaves armory, are all Ts outside of their cells considered rebelling? (ex. a T spawns in isolation, uses secret to open isolation, then opens cells) 2. Can CT's KOS based off of kill-feed? (ex. A CT runs into pool and dies to a T that no CTs knew was rebelling, if CTs didn't see him die, can they still call a KOS on the T?
  10. If you got a nice car post pics and specs below, I wanna see what you guys be driving 2016 A3 IS20 Turbo Upgrade. Full Borla Exhaust. Dynotune pushing around 330hp.