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  1. Might have had the same German teacher then
  2. Eat a mac-d cheeseburger in 1 bite. Drink a bottle of water in under 2 sec scam people in almost every game i am an amazing dj rofl i do card magic tricks.
  3. Everyone who didn’t say classic wow is either wrong or retarded. I’m the classic guy................... Duh dududududududududududu
  4. Ma'a as-salaama I could say something like: This is not the direction the community is going, but that would require me to elaborate and im not about to do so. So insted im gonna say this: Thank you Mike, Huge, Ometeor, Toxic, Lui, Choccy and probably more for letting me get to know u. You guys are fantastic people. Im not gonna be gone i just dont wanna support GP anymore. (because its not going in the right direction)
  5. Sly

    Drinks ??

    2 things, baileys and vodka sometimes mixed
  6. A hot potato/ chair game in a meeting room with a lotta chairs around a table. Even musical chairs. and every cooperation needs a man cannon
  7. Habib ur not leaving! pls sharmota cya on Snapchat
  8. All of them ps there is 4 not 23, it’s not marvel, it’s avengers
  9. 1060-6vram wanna upgrade to Radeon 5700 xt
  10. So either I buy a router after work before I come home or I wait 3 days. For internet that might work, might not.
  11. Yeah so i just had a thunder struck at my House. Fried the network, can’t play till it’s fixed. Dont know when it’s getting fixed either. Rip me
  12. Ur not hobo, i think u read it wrong it’s not homo
  13. So this is your answer to being freenaded @FlyerMike i guess u lost. Take care dude!
  14. Get that old ass looking i7 looking piece of garbage out my face. U probably picked that useless shit out from a RadioShack looking store or even a hardware store I Turkey for 5 dollars looking ass. I bet even hobos have better cpu than you, you poor ass Burger King patty flipper. I hope u sleep at night covered in grease and ketchup cuz man that shit is embarrassing love sly