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  1. 1060-6vram wanna upgrade to Radeon 5700 xt
  2. So either I buy a router after work before I come home or I wait 3 days. For internet that might work, might not.
  3. Yeah so i just had a thunder struck at my House. Fried the network, can’t play till it’s fixed. Dont know when it’s getting fixed either. Rip me
  4. Ur not hobo, i think u read it wrong it’s not homo
  5. So this is your answer to being freenaded @FlyerMike i guess u lost. Take care dude!
  6. Get that old ass looking i7 looking piece of garbage out my face. U probably picked that useless shit out from a RadioShack looking store or even a hardware store I Turkey for 5 dollars looking ass. I bet even hobos have better cpu than you, you poor ass Burger King patty flipper. I hope u sleep at night covered in grease and ketchup cuz man that shit is embarrassing love sly
  7. When egns jailbreak server crumbled our hero indi came to the rescue with a working jailbreak server. No it’s not the new egn. Yes it is. a lot of people transferred over from a declining egn. So if by some of the people u recognize from egn u mean this is the new egn well then yeah. But we like to associate as a whole new thing.
  8. I’m danish which means I know Lukas very well I like his song: love someone more than the others though
  9. Buy 200.000 5 dollars and give them to @Toxic. 1 a day. Never owe him again. or maybe buy money. But i don’t know how much it costs
  10. I dont really know, i dont have memory of that Night. I Think its some kind of shot.
  11. Struggling to find some pictures where I’m not looking completely retarded. So I took those where i look like I need to be in an asylum
  12. Sly

    New PC

    U mean I found a pc u bought
  13. U don’t love me? well I love u