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  1. crosshair is aimed right at his head and it killed the T next to him lmao wtf ....happens at 20s
  2. Boob :)


    ill see most of you around. Just trying to explore more options
  3. Back in my Senior Year of wrestling I was ranked 4th in my state. And a tournament 3 weeks before state I was wrestling some guy and I tore my muscles in my foot off the bone. The injury was called a Lisfranc injury
  4. Last night the server was buggin out to where the map was causing the guns to fall through the map.....started on razor... Connor came and restarted the server...2 maps later(dont remember the map) it started to bug out again. no secret guns were spawning. any suggestions to why its doing this?
  5. Hi Cutie hop to see u around
  6. Boob :)


    Ya same I think im going to start nextweek
  7. Boob :)


    A few people have asked to play rust with me. Im probs going to start on a server soon. Who wants to play. Looking for 3-4 people. Probs going to play on a 2x or vanilla server with med pop. Hit me up.
  8. haha ya. I go hunting ever year and our family gets about 5-7 deer each year and only make it into deer jerky.
  9. This summer I have an internship... ill be living in a new place with people ive never meet before. hopefully itll be a good time
  10. spring break im planning on making 200 pounds of deer jerky... thats about it
  11. Boob :)

    First Day?

    Not always. The whole idea behind doing a first day war to allow people to load in to the new map...War days generally go faster that normal days. This allows people not sit around waiting for the round to end as much for a war day then a regular day.
  12. i ll send you a trade its all yours... that one is dope in my opinion
  13. I have a 6 more steam backgrounds im willing to give away. The only one i am not giving away is the guarded background. The better ones were given away already. If you want one reply which one you want. first come first serve.
  14. Boob :)


    If you would like, you can always join our discord and we can help you