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  1. Thanks for your contributions to the community and I hope you enjoy whatever you do in the future.
  2. Shit idk tbh it's a couple of things I can think of lol
  3. It’s a shame you’re not going to be member anymore, but I won’t really say “goodbye” considering you’ll probably still be playing/on discord everyday. Either way, I hope you stay well. See you in the future.
  4. Lmfaooo bruh I bet the teachers heard the moaning and was like “bruh”
  5. I hear the loud ass fan in my computer
  6. Has anyone ever got like ISS or OSS in highschool or middle school? I remember back in the day bruh I always got kicked outta class bc they said I was too turnt lmao, got sent to ISS with the loud ass couch that yelled at us if we looked at him the wrong way lol. Only got suspended once bc of a fight.
  7. also if you have a spare android then simply just use that along with a youtube to mp3 download site, you can literally do it for any song out there
  8. Go on google and get "youtube ++" its an iOS modded version of youtube that allows you to download any video of a song on the platform for free. (Not intending to advertise).
  9. I hope you get well soon (and don't got that corona ) And also it's asking me to request access, pm me and I'll tell you what my email is so you can accept it.
  10. What’s your favorite sport that you like the most? I use to watch basketball a lot.