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  1. Hope to see you on the servers. Welcome
  2. Finally found a missing pair in my room to showcase. These called the Jordan Camo 5s
  3. lmfaoo naw but forreal speaking of that, some people say I look like a pig
  4. REPOST OF ROAST OF @SailorMan (Alex)
  5. I play GTA V, Doom, CSS, Gmod, Rust, Black Ops 2, NBA 2k and more
  6. So I was on Instagram and saw this boy roastin folks, and I was like "He think he good huh", so I decided to make one of him to see his reaction I fried him like crazy lmaoo on god (I'm the one on the right)) If yall want to get roasted post yall pic below, I can use the SIRI voice or use my face and voice!
  7. Where was this at when I needed it in pre-k and Kindergarden bruh!
  8. Hickory smoked honey buns dressing ass boy. Mexican pizza wit extra spinach on it looking ass boy. Smoked cigar lookin ass boy. Brownie wit m&ms looking ass boy. Lemon pepper wing shoe wearing ass boy. Ham and cheese shoe wearing ass boy. Honey dipped wing shoe wearing ass boy. 15 uppercuts taking ass boy. Sour apple margarita dressing ass boy. A monster energy drink and a bag of skittles dressing ass boy. Elbow dipped in chocolate looking ass boy. Big knuckles, lil shirt, long collar ass back mane. Garlic roasted sunflower seed looking ass boy. A chicken wit no stuffing looking ass boy. Boogie bomb head ass boy. A swagged up sandwich wit syrup on it looking ass boy. Extended clip neck ass boy. Nigerian nurse who lives in Nevada looking ass boy. A homeless mosquito looking ass boy. A llama named laniesha who likes long walks and licorice looking ass boy. Homosexual superhero looking ass boy. Slice of lemon pound cake head ass boy. Steak omelet head ass boy. Sisco chicken head ass boy. Butterscotch head ass boy. Heavy set hammerhead shark looking ass boy. Goofy from Mickey Mouse shoe wearing ass boy. 2 left shoes wearing ass boy. Loaf of bread shoe ass boy. Box Chevy shoe wearing ass boy. Big body bends shoe wearing ass boy. Belgian waffle looking ass mane. Cinnamon sprinkled honey gold wing flavored magnum condom looking ass boy. The crust on some wheat bread dressing ass boy. Honey dipped chicken tender looking ass boy. Red lobster cheddar baked biscuit wearing ass boy. Stepped on corndog looking ass boy. Louisiana brown sugar and maple syrup cake flavored lollipop looking ass boy.
  10. My fault for a late reply, but welcome to the fourms!
  11. Yeah ima have to update soon , I preciate the info bro
  12. damn oi I tried to warn you bruh