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  1. I know this is very unexpected and out of nowhere, but this needed to be done. I love GP alot and care deeply about the community and still want it to succeed and prosper, but due to some problems in my personal life I need to step down to member for the time being (Effective immediately). I appreciate the efforts of the entire Mod+ team and loved working with everyone and I know everyone will continue to make the community even better. Everyone is a piece of the puzzle to making this community great and function, so my absence won't effect much. I know this is relatively early and I didn't want to abruptly leave but I've had no choice. Thanks everyone for helping me have a good time for this couple of months. (I'll stop pop in the servers every once and a while).
  2. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  3. The question was answered above. The only CS:GO server we currently have is the Prophunt server, and if we decide to have more then the community will be informed. Also there was already a thread asking the same thing : Also, if you're ever wondering which servers we have, simply goto the homepage and all the servers we have are listed there:
  4. 0:47 - 0:56
  5. Welcome , glad you made an introduction.
  6. Welcome to the forums, thanks for taking the time to come here. I look forward to playing with you even more in the near future!
  7. Chaos Boss


    if you they ass you not finna get shit from me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if they do good then they get a tip straight like that
  8. Like he stated above, if you're instructed to be afk frozen and move or freelook before the 30 seconds is up, you can be killed by the warden instantly while non wardens should warn you for freelooking early. Also, keep in mind there's a thread where you can ask questions in regards to Jailbreak rules to better get an more in depth understanding of a certain rule if you ask. Locking this thread.