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  1. Seeing animals suffering breaks my heart, if I had the money I'd donate as much as I could
  2. I remember useing my mic for the first time and immediately got called a bitch... good times Heres to another year of gp
  3. im currently really enjoying playing warframe
  4. can you just roast me just for fun
  5. you deadass look like the DEFINITION of r/Niceguy
  6. Not a show but a really good movie that not many people talk about is 30 minutes or less
  7. Because of the recent rise of furries in media because of the whole Gamers vs. Furries thing on TIk-Tok and apps alike, a curiosity i have is what are yalls opinions on furries? Do yall like them, hate them, or just have no feelings twords them? Ive had this discussion with a few of my friends and the common thought on furries is that they dont really mind them. What are yalls thoughts?
  8. i always wanted a nickname to refer to myself as online but i could never find one that i liked. I went through a couple like, Almighty, Ragnerok (spelled wrong i know), and then I landed on Wildfire! added some numbers so its easy to find me on friend requests and stuff like that, and here we are.