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  1. thank you I'm glad to be one year away from being able to fuck all your bitches!!!!
  2. It's secretly big daddy jk. welcome to the forums make yourself at home.
  3. hey man i'm glad i could persuade you to try out the GP community i hope you stay with us and have as much fun here as you did in the other community
  4. I've noticed recently that a lot of the GP community has a very strong hate for CSGO and i'm just wondering why the hate?
  5. infection mode was my shit, i used to go over my friends house and play it on his 360 cuz i had a ps3
  6. If you wanna learn some quick astro physics, then the book Astrophysics for people in a hurry is great
  7. i drive a 2016 jeep grand cherokee
  8. add a cool underground where the parking lot is with all the games
  9. wicked hot because it feels great to play soccer shirtless
  10. i play csgo, realm of the mad god which is actually a rly good game besides the graphics, and cod
  11. honestly all I want to do is work for google and make that dough.
  12. On My Block is good and stranger things
  13. naw who needs ice cream i have a smash burger near me that makes haagen daz milk shakes
  14. honestly raggae is under rated there are some amazing songs in that genre