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  1. Ligma or sugma, or corn. Naw foreal though name him Belly (short for Rebellion), Dubs or Wubs
  2. Awww shiet my boy Dill Daggercock is in the house!
  3. Is this my boy Dill or another Dill? Welcome either way mang
  4. That stinks Cha-Cha. Hope your parents get you a sweet set up for x-mas. See ya when you get back online
  5. Sounds like a blast Mike, have fun and be safe.
  6. 10/16/19 ”Where the fuck does my cat go all day?” (He’s an outdoor cat)
  7. I typically abuse substances to cope with stress, I wouldn’t recommend it
  8. Coffee milk is superior to chocolate milk, fact
  9. Welcome Dronzo, I was happy as well when I came back to find Glow had created this community We're glad you're playing with us, see you in the servers
  10. Bonkers

    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter is fire bruv
  11. Oh don’t be sorry Xanderian, I hated that guy!