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  1. Bonkers

    Rule A08

    Redacted --- I have no opinion on this issue.
  2. Market for Rust servers is too saturated, there’s just too many servers for a new one to potentially take off. Not enough interest amongst members in the community to boost it. I’d recommend benching the idea for now.
  3. Think this could be a cool idea. As logical said above, I think a 2x server with quality of life mods could have a chance of taking off. Though, since there are so many rust servers, they are hard to organically populate.
  4. Bonkers


    I just lost brain cells from this post
  5. See ya around Struck, we enjoyed having you
  6. The knive and deag skin are sick homie
  7. I have quite a few recent favorites: Penny Dreadful, Jonathan strange and mr norrell, The Witcher, Dracula, Peaky Blinders. I suggest to anyone to check any of these out, they were all fire
  8. I think its a cool idea Vartain, we'll be actively looking into it
  9. I'm 24 young man! I'm not going to steal your birthday money!
  10. Welcome to the forums Exiter glad to have you back around
  11. Welcome to the forums Leow, we're glad you're playing with us