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  1. i don't know if you know about that but we had a zombie escape server a few months ago but the server died really quick and get removed from the community i don't think we will have a new one soon.
  2. Isaac


    ok bois im about to do nation
  3. it would be hard for 1 invisible man with only knife to kill more than 20 player with guns, i think it should have some kind of ratio like the ratio with CT's and T's
  4. yeah exactly the csgo model would make it better
  5. my question is why is this suggestion is specifically only for knife fight? you can do the same thing with dodgeball and s4s/m4m.let's say that rule was exist and i wanna to lr6 then i have to warn the CT's about it? that doesn't sound right.
  6. Gamepunch awp when?
  7. i once had dream i was going to the vip cell secret in razor and dunder no scoped me from big cage while the cell was full of smoke
  8. server would die in 28 minutes or less
  9. Isaac

    Auto Hopping

    that is really bad idea adding auto bhop will make it very easy to rebel and kinda impossible to have a normal round. you can learn bhoping its not really hard
  10. Isaac

    Spray removal

    it is possible to give the warden ability to spray without being a gp member?
  11. hey gae welcome to the forums! enjoy your stay
  12. that would be a really big good change for jb. i hope it works
  13. being afk is like delaying the orders but CT's can still kill afks without a warning why is that?
  14. being afk freeze is basically being frozen like afk's, talking in chat or using your mic doesn't have anything with it, if a warden want to kill people for typing or using mic he should give this order "be afk facing that direction"