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  1. it wouldn't get removed if you guys don't suck at being CT. it's boring when the warden take more than 3 minutes to get the T's to cell stairs and end up doing trivia for lr, by being slow as fuck and boring as hell expect T's to rebel every round and that's not just razor. Don't blame the map if you suck at being fun and good warden. There's awesome wardens for example <>< and terminator they're very creative and they don't suck at being CT even in a "bad map like 'razor''" they make really fun and enjoyable games, when they're in the server I don't rebel because I know they got some fun and and new good games to play.
  2. Samsung galaxy not 2 which is probably 7 years old
  3. @Glow @Assassin Mike @Alex @Nation Did you guys decide whats gonna happen? in all seriousness no one like this map I don't even know why people vote for it it's pretty much just like razor but worse.
  4. you know all the people in that spray are guys right?
  5. remove this map all it have is disco and soccer thats it. no one like this map it's small as fuck and very unplayable
  7. I want blue hitler and mic mark on top of his head
  8. Hear sounds in the house knowing that I'm home alone
  9. Any staff who really pay attention to the game i guess only Shawn and Melon
  10. i don't know if you know about that but we had a zombie escape server a few months ago but the server died really quick and get removed from the community i don't think we will have a new one soon.
  11. Isaac


    ok bois im about to do nation