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  1. he is probably busy give him extra 108 days until he come back
  2. turtles and bunnies obviously they're the best
  3. Doing special days almost once every two or three maps isn't what makes special days special. What makes it special that it's more fun than any other day. and what's wrong with having a fun rounds like 2 times per map?
  4. Is there an existing plugin for this?
  5. with the name scoobydoobie u will never get pussy in your life try using chad name for example "chaos is gay"
  6. wait i wanna change my vote to +1 this will make the game so ez to rebel
  7. if you're satisfied with your crosshair then it's a good crosshair Here's good website to customize your crosshair see what's good for you. it work for CSS as well
  8. When a T say no cheating in lr and he cheat will be considered rebel or will get slayed by a +mod? I don't think we still have specific rule about this
  9. All maps that isn't in the list above