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  1. good job man, it looks like a nice map so far. the light_environment seems a bit too dark though, maybe make the sunlight a bit brighter? also, a big issue I noticed was that the map needs heavy optimization (easy example to start with - turn all complex brushes into func_detail, and maybe look up how to use hint/skip and areaportals to improve visibility), I like to be sort of a stickler for that lol but I could try to help you out with that if you need it. still, looks good, keep working on it
  2. no, this map has a leak (basically a hole in the world) which breaks bsp visibility and causes the entirety of the map to render at all times. while it's a really easy fix, most jb maps unfortunately have leaks for whatever reason but the edit here is unrelated
  3. did you rebuild the cubemaps? they don't seem to work for me unless I rebuild them myself, and even then the map's env_cubemap placement is so bad that it isn't even worth it. black/no reflection usually does look better than the default cubemap though also, please don't rename maps after building cubemaps -- cubemaps (and some other things) depend on the map's filename being the same as it was when the cubemaps were built. I've seen so many mappers do this