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  1. I can see how much you wear headphones.
  2. I've recently been accepted into the group through many of y'all support. I appreciate the time group members put in to showing me the ropes of your community. I've been enjoying my time spent primarily in the JB server. Learning your rules and maps, and meeting new people on a daily basis. I'm looking forward to more gaming. - WSKing
  3. I eat burritos bigger than you..
  4. Why cant a Mod, if there happens to be one there be allowed to force swap specific players if people begin refusing to join CT. Well, I am a relatively new player around, and I have no idea how to use my points, let alone know how many I have. Are we advertising this enough?
  5. Dear talented players and veterans of the Jailbreak server. Why during times of desperate need for CT's, do you not join help keep balance in the server? Your participation is greatly appreciated.