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  1. I've been putting this off for a while now, and I keep saying I'll be more active over and over but then something always happens lmao. I hope this only lasts a few more weeks since marching band is almost over. It's just been really hard finding motivation and time to play on the servers as often as I used to with marching band, senior stuff, school, work, hanging out and gaming with friends, and with my new girlfriend taking up a good chunk of my time. This is absolutely not me leaving forever, I feel like a 2 week LOA is in order for the time being, I may or may not pop in every now and then within the 2 weeks depending on my schedule. I don't plan on stepping down, and I hope it doesn't come to that, but I do hope to be more active as soon as possible to help out wherever I can on the mod team. I love you guys, I just don't want to keep making empty promises. I'll be back for sure, hell our band might even make it to state this year. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe, God bless, and I'll be back. Love y'all
  2. I'm gonna miss you Adam, you were a great mod, and an even greater friend. Hope to see you around man. Kick some ass out there dude, never quit or settle for less. Love you dude
  3. I read TF2, I play. Simple as that
  4. The M60 (AKA The Pig) is a belt-fed machine gun that fires the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge, (.308 Winchester) commonly used in larger rifles, at a sustained rate of fire of 650 rounds per minute. It is generally used as a crew-served weapon and operated by a team of two or three individuals. The team consists of the gunner, the assistant gunner (AG in military slang), and the ammunition bearer. The gun's weight and the amount of ammunition it can consume when fired make it difficult for a single soldier to carry and operate. The gunner carries the weapon and, depending on his strength and stamina, anywhere from 200 to 1000 rounds of ammunition. The assistant carries a spare barrel and extra ammunition, and reloads and spots targets for the gunner. The ammunition bearer carries additional ammunition and the tripod with associated traversing and elevation mechanism, if issued, and fetches more ammunition as needed during firing.
  5. Just whenever you can, I have another request That is all
  6. Favorite game of all time has to be Halo, I can't just pick one title, but I can exclude Halo 4, 5, and the mobile ones. But seriously, Halo was the game I grew up with, and playing it with friends for years back in the day, and making up stories within the lore was some of the most fun I've ever had as a kid. I just hope Infinite goes back to halo's roots, and we can see better halo games in the future.
  7. I'm a pretty decent trumpet player, but I love kickin it with my friends every now and then, going out and just being stupid teenagers lol. I also enjoy airsoft and shooting at my buddies range every now and then. I'm an eagle scout now, so I do enjoy a good hike or campout from time to time as well. Cooking is pretty neat too.
  8. Okay, so as some of you may or may not know, Southeast Texas/Louisiana are about to get absolutely rekt by 2 whole ass hurricanes. I am NOT stepping down from mod, NOR am I leaving the community, this is just something that I feel I should address in case I end up evacuating, or not having power for a few days. I'll be back on as soon as I can, or as soon as our power comes back on. I have no idea exactly what day the shits gonna hit the fan here, so I'll be able to play and talk to you guys until probably near the end of the week. I'll try to be back on as soon as I can once all the shit goes down, and I will still have my phone for the forums and discord if anyone needs to contact me for anything. I love you guys, I love this community, and I'll be back, I promise. Y'all stay safe, God Bless Gamepunch, and God bless Texas
  9. I remember joining the Jb server for the first time and just having a blast. Interacting with new people and having a lot of laughs. I'm just glad I decided to stay!
  10. Just wondering if I have Indi's good to go for the SCP server
  11. I work at a local grocery store called Market Basket My job usually consists of either bagging and carrying out groceries, fronting, or staying in the back dealing with dairy. I work with almost all of my highschool buddies and it's great Except for that one bitch manager, all my homies hate that one bitch manager. (me on far right)
  12. Whataburger all the way. Totally not biased at all : )
  13. Rock and Metal have been with me since I was a kid. Five Finger Death Punch has to be my absolute favorite considering they are the only band I've ever seen in concert. I Prevail is another amazing band, along with Disturbed, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, A Day To Remember, Avenged Sevenfold and more. I've only recently gotten into some rap. I was introduced to Lil Darkie recently by a friend, and Kennedy used to be a YouTuber I watched, and he started making REALLY good music. I don't hate any genres, I'll vibe with just about anything
  14. I'm gonna miss you Bek, you were one of the best man, you were one of the reasons I kept playing Jb, you always gave me a warm welcome, no matter what. I only wish the best for you and your endeavors. So long partner....