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  1. Y’all sound like responsible adults. I would spend literally all of it on weed. XD
  2. Vatts

    I neeeeed help...

    Thanks guys. I ended up doing a system restore. Not super tech savvy and was pulling my hair out xD
  3. I changed the resolution on CSS and now every time i open the game, the screen is black. I can still hear the audio but i cant see anything so I cant even open options to change the resolution back. I already reinstalled CSS and the same thing happened.
  4. Fuck yeah hzrd. Welcome. This shit is way better than PF bro.
  5. With 1 million dollars...?
  6. Save your sorries for cancer patients. I no longer mourn death, I celebrate the life before it. Finding something like GP is my anti depressant, even though it raises my blood pressure at times. Lol. Here if you need to talk.
  7. Good luck dude. When my son died, I dropped off the planet. Life is a bitch, but when it knocks you down, get back up and slap that bitch in the face. Control your happiness bro.
  8. I think everyone should practice playing both sides. If you come to a Jailbreak server just to rebel and shoot people, play PUB. Honestly.
  9. I think mods can force switch people. Not sure though. Type !store in game to see your points. You can buy hats and glasses and gun accessories.
  10. This "no mods, no rules" behavior from MEMBERS is seriously kind of disgusting.
  11. I still say give more points for being in the server while on CT. Put more stuff in the store that people actually have to save up for. People like spending stuff. For real.
  12. It’s basic high school mentality. Nobody wants to leave the crowd having fun to go be shit on. XD