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  1. See you around Discord, Element. I won't be around here anymore.
  2. Hi everyone. I have decided to quit GamePunch servers and Counter-Strike Source. I will also be leaving the Discord server. I have always advocated for equal treatment between all players, regardless of if they were non-members, members, or moderators/staff. I personally never applied for member (regardless of if I would have been accepted) because I saw that members/moderators/staff were often times given a pass, or significantly lesser punishments (slay only, compared to CT bans) when they broke the rules. I have played on the GP servers regularly since Summer 2019 and maintained no significant CT bans until this past week (CT Bans screenshot here). I am not sure what the 3/17/2019 CT ban was because I didn't play regularly until Summer 2019. Seeing how certain staff responded to not only my posts, but those of others (e.g. oMeteor) also left a bad taste in my mouth. For those of you who have played with me you decide for yourself if I was "toxic" or not. I believe my posts on the forums speak for themselves.
  3. My suggestion from the community meeting on 1/18/2020 was to exclude spectators from rtv count, or auto-kick AFK spectators (members may be excluded) after a certain time period (e.g. 10 minutes). If the latter option is implemented, add text to the in-game texts that displays some variant of the following: "Non-staff/mod/members in spectator will be automatically kicked after X minutes." This discourages people from sitting in spectator. Staff+ are excluded from this spectator auto-kick.
  4. Jason

    I'm out

    See you in JB, Habibi
  5. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo it's your favorite warden Element115
  6. "It's your favorite warden, element115..."