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  1. That song touches my heart, Thank you!
  2. SexySimonSays


    Im heading off to Vegas with my friend in about an hour or so, Ill be away until Wednesday Night. Hopefully i can come back with a little bit more money then i went in with. You guys dont have too much fun without me now.
  3. So kind! It really does show my pretty side.
  4. No that is someone else who has my name, idk who they are but mine is always just SexySimonSays
  5. Im simon, nice to meet you
  6. Welcome bossman, hope you have a good time here!
  7. Well the problem with my store is that we are 24/7 so we get all the homeless people and also drug addicts since our kitchen area is closed but out in the open so we have some comfy booths. Its very annoying to deal with them especially if they are sketchy and you can tell they are gonna try to steal something.
  8. This is what it feels like to work night shifts for about 6 years now... The picture makes it even more perfect since it has my actual name spelled correctly on it
  9. If anything i think you should give me admin first and then let him have it. But that is just my idea
  10. Rebels too much that he should be Perm T banned.
  11. Very friendly and showed me his anime collection.
  12. Hi, my name on steam is Simon but my actual name is Derek. I don't really know what to tell you guys about me but I'm pretty chill most of the time and plus i play in the night since i work night shift at a grocery store. I've just recently started playing on this server and i like it so far! Some of you may know me from another clan and if so it would be nice to chat again. I also love anime so there is that.