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  1. American Sign Launguage, French, Spanish, English
  2. John Wick vs Agent 47
  3. Its not a bug because it was something definitely put onto the map but it leads to the rounds until the map switches just being chaos with t's and ct's killing each other. There is a secret which most people know now that allows a player to turn on team damage, I have seen both t's and ct's going down and pushing the button in order to enable it. I feel as the map needs to be taken of the map list or the button needs to be removed. saying as how team damage is against the rules i dont see the point of having it on the map Here is an example of what happens when team dmg gets enabled
  4. Do you have any minigames or armory added?
  5. here's how to obliviously best warden Step one - Make all t's step out face back of cell and afk freeze kill them if they even as much as take a step and a half Step two - Make them unstack on any cell line and make sure to kill any group not connected to the biggest one Step three - Instead of playing the countless set of minigames on a map because there definitely not there to be played do math trivia and make winner choose 4 t's to die Step four - Repeat step three until you have two t's for lr
  6. no... just please no more wardays lmao
  7. Peace out blueberry best of luck to ya!
  8. Pretty cool map although the last jump of the climb makes me want to kill myself