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  1. Hello all, I just wanted your opinions on who you think is the nicest non/toxic player within the GP community servers, my personal list is below. Most Friendly/Non toxic Players IMO: Lactose Quidittch Resitini But what do you guys think who would be on your list of the nicest people?? Note: this is not to offend anyone, this is just a bit of fun and its all opinion based I guess, the people on my list are people I see when Im online, im sure there are many other non toxic people but who Im not familiar with.
  2. welcome quidichh. you are great guy and friendly to everyone in server. good luck in life friend
  3. i love water it is refreshing.
  4. i dont like csgo that much. it is okay but i love counter strike source more
  5. i will just buy new pc if have money it is easy and no hard work for building it. buying pc is best i love to buy gaming pc