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  1. Ya man i dont hod warden matter fact I only like taking warden when i have to or it’s time for a warday
  2. Why was it when i broke one rule all hell break lose like ya i get it i done something that I shouldn’t of done but it was one rule and bc of that one rule you guys started to say some stuff that not actually true yes i do have a little temper but never once projected it out on any of you guys you guys clamed i hog warden which is not true I only warden maybe 3 times a map if that and tring if you read this i am sorry for interfering with your game i was just being encouraged by bucket and I just lost my way there plz forgive me on that that was my bad and ill own up to it and I apologize for it and it wont happen again
  3. Whats you’re guys favorite avengers movie i got to say mine is iron man
  4. I just die out of the blue no one slayed me nor killed me can you guys fix this bug
  5. tobi

    New css

    Does any have information on or if there will be a new css
  6. Hello there im new to this server and look to introduce my self im tobi
  7. so i been play on this server for couple days now i see egn is gone and woundering if this is the new clan of egn