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  1. Hey everyone, I’m going on tour from today until Sunday Saturday I’m in my hometown so I may be able to cast the scrim event it will be playing that by ear peace, sean
  2. Sean

    Getting A Cat

    Adopt. A. Cat. Don't ever buy a cat, give a shelter cat a better life... This is my cat Tux - a 10 y/o cat i adopted a couple months back Loveliest scruffy little fella who's had a hard life Please Adopt.
  3. Sean

    Poker Night?

    (P.S It will require everyone to be 18 though)
  4. Sean

    Poker Night?

    So PokerStars will handle all the money (dw I can set it all up) because it's just dodgy if we're doing it through some random dudes paypal lmao.
  5. Sean

    Poker Night?

    a few bucks each no rebuys - If the buy in is too much then it'll discourage a bunch of people and no rebuys so people don't keep wasting their money Sit n Go you can set up home games on PokerStars
  6. What about Coltrane's Ascension? an absolutely fucking nuts album lmao. In all seriousness my favourite Coltrane recordings are: as well as That last one makes me cry like a baby it's incredible
  7. Sean

    Poker Night?

    No Limit Texas Hold Em' - Tournament (no ring games) Thoughts? Peace, Sean
  8. Sean

    First Day?

    Apologies - misunderstood the statement
  9. Sean

    First Day?

    @Glow if I’m ever on first day should I spawn the latecomers regardless?
  10. Winners names engraved above the gym in Razor