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  1. This is going to be huge. REALLY looking forward to this!!
  2. New parts, it may be more expensive but trust me it’s for the better and higher performance. Hope it works out!
  3. Never got a chance to meet you but regardless, take care and good luck!
  4. Tring, I really like you and it’s sad to see you go. Before I joined GP and saw you on the servers, it was always fun and a great time with you around. The map you made was great and I’m looking forward to more possibly. Regardless, it’s sucks that this happened and when I get my new laptop soon, I hope to see you on the servers a lot still.
  5. Element is an inspiration when it comes to being a warden.
  6. Resitini

    Laptop Issue

    FINAL UPDATE: Okay, so I’m getting a new laptop all together. Thanks for all the help and the inputs you guys had. It really means a lot. I should be back on JB/Steam as a whole very soon!
  7. Resitini

    Laptop Issue

    Alright boys, here’s the situation: So, I have a Laptop that I’ve had for 6 years now. I’m still using and it’s soon to be or already on it’s last legs. It is an Acer Laptop. Here is the specific name of the laptop: Aspire ES1-512-P9GT. Not sure if that helps, but why not. Anyways, the issue is, when I turned on my laptop the other day, a message popped up and said “No Bootable Device”. I decided to watch videos, ask some friends and I’m not completely sure what to do at this point. I eventually watched a video, went into the BIOS settings and changed two things. I did that, and got to a different message. The message said reboot things again and other messages. Regardless, this is weird and I’m not as skilled to these kind of things, and so any help or responses would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Finally a GP Member!

    1. Matt


      Congrats man! Me too. :)

    2. Resitini


      Yeah bro, congrats! 🥳

  9. Resitini

    Post 2000

    Post 616 is way cooler.
  10. Windows 7 Ultimate... FOR NOW. Until I get an actual PC. In the meantime, I'm stuck with this six year old hunk of junk laptop.
  11. Resitini

    Drinks ??

    Boneless water.
  12. If I'm being complexly honest, I actually don't know what Fantasy Fottball is. However, the idea sounds cool and I'd be willing to look into it and be apart of it.