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  1. Leaving GP. I’ll miss you guys. ✌🏻

  2. Hey guys, I haven’t really been active on here, the server, and discord at all very much these past few months. I’m sorry, I’ve just been really busy with school and other things going on with my life. I’ve also been playing other games and just haven’t really had the interest to play CS:S that much lately. I love everyone here, you guys are a great community with great people that I’ve been fortunate enough to play and hang out with. A lot of people here are from EgN and it was great to connect with a lot of you all again and of course all the new people I’ve met since I’ve joined. It was fun guys but for now I’ll be leaving GP and taking a break completely. I mean, I’ve already have but I’m here just to make it official. Anyways, thanks for everything and I wish nothing but the best for this community! Love you guys, cheers. - Resitini
  3. Great to see you back on Source, can’t wait to see you again on the server.
  4. Welcome! [iN] days was da best fosure ️
  5. This sucks man, you were a really good Admin. You’re a great and funny guy. I’ll miss you man, still hope to see you on the server still though.
  6. Yeah, pretty much. Just give me two pens and a table and I’ll blow yo mind.
  7. Take care man, seeya soooooon