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  1. I would be down for one more "populated" nighted.
  2. Just float gears and it won't be a pain.
  3. Word of the wise has been spoken, you have been enlightened to the forbidden side, everyone is insane with long intervals of sanity
  4. I think its a 25 year rule on imports,
  5. Are those legal in the states yet?
  6. My top 3 : 1. TechN9ne 2. Terminator 3. Noob
  7. Hell ya it is. A real man would never get a pedicure unless you are some kind of pussy.
  8. That is a great waterfront bar!
  9. Gulf shores Alabama, Corpus Christi Texas
  10. Welcome! I have equally been to 49 states so now its a race to who gets to the 50th one first!
  11. Nice to meet you on the scrim server today!