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  1. Welcome! I have equally been to 49 states so now its a race to who gets to the 50th one first!
  2. Nice to meet you on the scrim server today!
  3. I started playing css in August 2019 lol. Kinda late to the party
  4. Have you tried using melatonin? Also how about physical activity? Something to tire one out before bed
  5. When i got my wisdom teeth pulled it didn't hurt at all. Your mouth feels funny for the next few days but thats about it
  6. Alcohol and drugs are a tradition in my family. Thats why i got the fuck outta my family and work hard everyday to not be like them.
  7. The DOT, and most 4 wheelers on the interstate
  8. Ya thats fucked up... you put lobster on a whopper too?
  9. Small mouth bass have got me hooked on sunday afternoon. I love how redman tastes and damn I love my nascar race
  10. Remikkad2


    Where are you catchingem at? @The_Noob_Himself
  11. Remikkad2


    Those are stripers? @The_Noob_Himself
  12. Also i think indi gets alot of heat but rules in jb are for a reason. Any time i played with Indi he was always fair. Sure not everyone can be satisfied so lets stop pretending like this is zoloft and lets be real. Play the game for fun or just don't play.
  13. On God is a real G. Part of the community or not. That's all
  14. This is spot on. Unfortunately the people who don't follow this aren't on here just don't care