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  1. wow... i agree, another good one gone. its sad to see GP to where it stands now. However bringing up the donation scenario - i do wonder what indi has been doing with the exceeding donation amount. i mean at the end of the day it only costs 100$ max to host 3 css servers / gmod and theres payment plans + annual plans. im assuming that he is paying off his student loan or a gaming pc he just recently bought. indi is keeping it low key on the donations. #staywoke - everyone please pay attention on the money you are giving and the results your receiving, this not going towards indi but just in general. but damn, alot of GP peeps are leaving. but good luck thot and good luck to community indi, wish you the best! eih dih dih lil bih
  2. you foolin makin these new rules every single time i kill you or kill someone its not fun when your playing jailbreak, you literally makes own rules just so he can get his way to rebel and kill cts, ive seen it all any map or any time you see something wrong you stick to the script and you slay or punish the player from what he saw rather then listening to the story, you got admins on the server for a reason, stop jumping in conclusions and slaying whoever the fuck you want because your the owner mang, its not cool i knew i shouldnt have joined in the first place but i only did it cuz homies were on the train, nothing but cluster fuck in the community resetting my pub record cuz i supposedly "farm players" who are AFK? this is on god who u are talkin to, the best cs player known to man these are OGs from EGN, ik your an owner and shit but like dude... its not that serious! but when your constantly making these new BS rules, its honestly repetitive. this is a community these are people who are supporting you and your servers. stop taking action and making rules on your own rather than have a discussion with mods/staffs/members on these topics. at the end of the day i respect ur community indi but come on man
  3. 2017 infiniti q50 red sport 2019 volkswagen atlas sel premium
  4. its almost 9 months in and 3 more months before 2020, time had flew.. yall reached any of your goals yet? and if so what goal did you reach dont be cappin, we stay no cappin
  5. cold cuz thats what my neck n wrist be on right now
  6. december 17 - sagitarrius gang where u at
  7. who tryna play mm wit me im mge