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  1. Haha thanks man. Also, did not know that about the spyvspy ball, thanks for the tip. As for the songs, I'll probably just compress this shit out of them. Get em down to 1-2 mb each as long as they don't sound too bad. but you're right they're already taking up a fair amount of space. 12 will be a challenge aha.
  2. Yoyoyo. jb_office is still in the works/not playable yet, but it's well on its way...here is a short demo of where jb_office is currently at: (sorry for bad quality) https://www.dropbox.com/s/jqw8fzq1ch8180y/jb_office_alpha1-16f demo.mp4?dl=0 Most of the work so far has gone into actual level design/brush editing to turn away from vanilla office into more of a jailbreak style map. Also, the disco. That being said, here's what's in it so far: - Laser disco - Soccer - The floor is lava game & climb (TY @beef supreme & @plum/moofinz / @Ohhdandy ) - DeathCHAIR (TY @Assassin Mike ) - Shitty jumprope ripped from spy v spy The first playable release for GP (if indi decides to put it on) will have surf, musical chairs, pool, race, dodgeball, maybe bhop, and an underground section with wipout/colors/other basic JB minigames. There will also be more props/guns/secrets and general artwork. And maybe a man-cannon. maybe... Anyways thanks all for the suggestions and keep them coming if you have more. What I really could use right now is 8 more song suggestions for the disco as you could see they are blank right now. Cheers
  3. Do you know the name of the minigame map?
  4. In the works! Updates coming this Sunday.
  5. Welcome to the forums mate! See you on jailbreak
  6. Surf is not high priority atm, but I will try... I've always liked surf in JB. office chair death crate is amazing ahaha definitely will put that in. The floor is lava! great idea.
  7. Definitely. Can't make it too easy for those CTs
  8. Taking all of these suggestions into consideration, thanks all! Saw your suggestion for Office Jailbreak, and Office being one of my favorite scrim maps, I couldn't resist I will need lots of help testing so I'll hit you up (and anyone else willing to help) in the near future. Thanks!
  9. Nope, just wanted to post n see if anyone had good office-themed minigame ideas
  10. Oh yeah it's got a lotta work yet, only got the cells so far aha
  11. heheheheh Just started this today. gimme some suggestions for fun games to be implemented and I may throw them in! Something unique that the other JB maps don't have