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  1. I wanna start by saying I'm not leaving on bad terms or anything like that, you might have noticed my activity has been lowered recently. Whenever I play source jailbreak it's usually just for a month (if even that) then I get bored of it. But this community is pretty awesome so I decided to stick around longer and get more involved, and I'm sad to be leaving it. It's been fun playing with you guys, and was cool to bring some new maps/reskins to an old game. But I've recently come to realize that the more time I invest here in moderating, playing, mapping etc. the less time I spend on life shit that kinda matters lol. Regardless, I won't spill my whole life story, it's been a blast and thanks for all the good times! Seeya around GP, -[blur]
  2. [blur]


    thanks guys! Back now. was a killer good time got some damn nice pics
  3. Welcome to the forums Sheep!
  4. Welcome to the forums! See you on the servers
  5. Welcome to the forums!
  6. Welcome to the forums Little Man!
  7. Welcome to the forums Connor! see you around!
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    Hello GP, I'm leaving for a 2 week vacation in the Bahamas from Jan 1 to 16! So I will not be around at all then. You likely won't see me for the next few days either since I'll be getting ready for the trip. hope you've all had a great holiday, and I'll see you in a few weeks!
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    Welcome to the forums, K!
  10. Was just gonna say, rainbow six siege could be fun if enough people have it
  11. HMU at some point on discord and send me the vmf
  12. 1. @Bonkers - keeps cts in check, progresses rounds, bonkers trivia 2. @Tech N9ne - creative 3. @DemDunderBuds - chill/fun warden
  13. comin up! how big file size can it be? /do you have space for
  14. I'm still 4/10 mad about that