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  1. Whatsup brotha ! Welcome !
  2. Should I build or buy a PC??? Funds are not a problem but I was just wondering what route I should take ?
  3. Good luck with school ! I saw you spying on the server last night
  4. Ghost


    I love working nights !!! All the spooky people are out
  5. Welcome to the forums Jan!
  6. We only play CSS here 🥵
  7. Whatsup Grant ! welcome to GP and the Forums
  8. I love the Heat. I live in Arizona and its hot as fuck here but it's a dry heat so I can't complain. I hate winter !
  9. Whatsup Matt! Welcome to the forums
  10. Already have my career I’m glad I didn’t have to be in school for so long, I honestly can’t stand it and suck when it comes to numbers such as math 🥵
  11. How long have you guys been playing Counter Strike?