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  1. My friend has one. But tbh, only minor difference. But the price difference is big, so I opted for 2060. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-2060-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1080/4034vs3603
  2. Jan

    Any programmers here?

    Gonna do computer engineering so I know my fair peice in HTML, Java, Javascript, and Python. Thinks that I don't have a lot of experience in are C++, SQL and PHP. I have made some plugins and programs for some communities and businesses. Made a sand/gravel ordering code for an accontent to know how many trucks they needed if so so many tons of sand/gravel were ordered. There were also discounts and other x amount of variables that were in that program, however a very successful program to a local business in Norway. The sand thing was all in HTML as I did not know a lot about SQL and databases etc.
  3. I hope you can fix the cable management issue. Cuz I almost had a heart attack
  4. Oneplus 6. I have only had iPhones until I moved to my first android which is the oneplus 6. I had iPhone 3g and 4 and then I had iPhone 6s Plus as my last iPhone. I truly recommend Oneplus phones. It was first hard to move away from the Apple ecosystem, however, after that transition it is crazy of what I missed out for only having iPhones. The market is huge and people need to try other phones. Iphones are good and im not talking shit about it. Just saying there are better options for phones now than it was in the previous years.
  5. Jan

    What Phone

    Yeah. They are crazy good for the fraction of the prize of Samsungs and other andriod phones. Oneplus 7 pro is a flagship killer with the same specs and sometimes even better performance. Their fast charge game is too strong. I have a oneplus 6. It takes 30 min to get from 15% to 80%. It is ridiculous and crazy fast.
  6. Jan

    What Phone

    If you don't mind android OS, I would highly recommend OnePlus 7 Pro. https://www.oneplus.com/ca_en/7pro#/
  7. Used ubuntu and linux, however to much hassle. Windows 10 PRO now
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  9. No bad feelings. Just like to represent my people, but I understand the rule. Sorry for not reading the rules before posting
  10. MSI GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB VENTUS OC Video Card
  11. Hey! My name is Jan. I originally come from Norway, however, I recently moved to Canada. I usually play on a community server called Hell Clan. The server is EU based thereby there is a big-time difference between here and UK time. I first got to know this community through someone called "not lui", funny gal I mostly play CSS, CSGO and GTA V. I love playing with others and hate playing alone. I love JB and played a lot of it on HeLL Clan server. So if you see me on the JB GP server, don't be shy and say hi :). This seemed like a nice community so I thought of giving this a shot.