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  1. I will be stepping down officially as of today, My time on the servers, Discord, and Forums have dipped drastically recently, and I can't in good faith stay as a Moderator of this community with the inability to Stay Active. Things in my life have been spiraling down recently and I need to focus on getting my Life Together and Making sure I continue to have a roof over my head. Thank you for all the great Times and for all the great friends I've made along the way, I hope to be able to play more soon, but with my current standing It's going to be a couple months before I can even think about having the activity I use too. @Glow Thank you so much for this Opportunity to Assist you in Managing and assisting, And thank you for founding an amazing community, And thank you for being understanding of my recent Family Issue, @Assassin Mike Mr. Mike, You're an amazing person and you're gonna do amazing things as Co-Leader, Keep it up man. @DemNoodlez One of the first Admins I ever interacted with, You and me had a lot of great moments in Jailbreak, I'm gonna miss you man. @Shawn One of my favorite people of the Mini games Family, Thank you for all the great times and help you've provided me. There's still a lot of people I'd like to thank for memories and helping me on my journey, But I'm afraid of boring everyone with a long drawn out resignation. I hope to still continue to be a member of the community. But in all good faith, I can't be a moderator for this community as of right now. Thank you, GP Joker/ GP Posty.
  2. Joker

    Mod+ Meeting

    Will not be able to attend, due to corona Mandatory Extra Time has been called at my facility so I now work on Saturday the 21st.
  3. I took this a while ago but I think it’s been changed.
  4. From the 12th to the 22nd i will be in South carolina visiting family, my fiance, and checking up on my house down there to make sure its still in good condition, Most likely wont be able to get on during these days but i should be active on discord, forums, and able to attend meetings still. Thank you for understanding and ill see you all when i get back
  5. Joker

    Mod+ Meeting


    Will most likely not be able to attend, I got called in for mandatory overtime.
  6. Fried shrimp on hot dogs. Fucking delicious
  7. All Imma say is all hail the thicc ass warden.
  8. As a new member my words may not mean much but I’ve seen thotiana in game and he’s always done a good job anytime I’ve seen him on at Admining and doing his duties, it’s Extremely sad to see you leave and I’ll definitely keep in touch with the man with a 50 on his waist.
  9. I can play expert songs on guitar hero on a keyboard, I have broken 3 keyboards f1-f5 keys.
  10. I’ll probably be more active on the servers again in about two weeks my dads using my computer for work stuff until we get to seattle and his new work gets him a new laptop but you know no one stops The Godfather of the prison for long
  11. I’d love to play it with you sometime! I’ll send you a message once I get to my motel
  12. Some of you may already know me and some might not but I’m Posty! My real name is James but I go by Jaime or Jim, I’m 19 years old and Some other games I play are league, maplestory, and I DM a dungeons and dragons group! I’ve been playing for 2 months on and off but I’ve been playing source for 8 years, I’m mainly on jailbreak but I’ve been dipping into minigames and DarkRp. Just wanted to formally introduce myself and say Hello!
  13. I’m down like a clown I’ll add you when I get a chance to get on my computer
  14. I actually didn’t know a couple of these so this was very helpful to read +1