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  1. you're calling it disappointing but look at the community you have now vs to when it started lol. it's dying fast as fuck because you'd rather make these random fucking rules and ban players as a way of solving problems. That's no way to keep a community alive, especially in a dying/dead game. as for your staff team, they're full of retards who bend rules (in jailbreak) to their advantage. you should really look into that. no one wants to take the time to make a forum post when they could just do something else irl. communities aren't like that anymore. it's 2019 not 2005 lol. also, since you added that rule about rates. there's no real way to know what rates people are using, on top of that it doesn't really give that superior of an advantage unless it's a knife minigame or some gay shit like that, but it ALWAYS depends on PING. you could have random fucking rates but the real deciding factor is what your connection is like to the server. A lot of people use rates as a way to correct your ping. i.e, gore course moving props/lasers/etc, if you have the correct rates you wont randomly get hit by a laser that's not touching you. It's how source works. adding a rule just because someone beat the whole server in a 1v11 is stupid and childish. There's always a way to counter people's rates no matter what btw, should look into that as well. on another note, i've seen people complain about you changing rules to benefit you or you saying something along the lines of you going to stomp everyone in a pug or some random shit like that then you get clapped and rage quite, i believe it honestly. maybe it's annoying that people are better than you at a game but like ease up man. seriously. point is, your community is dying and it's by your actions. make a FUN environment for people to play in for the people. that's what being a server/community owner is about. no fun environment = no players. just check out the statistics recently. you probably won't take into account anything i've said but try to at least, if you want to save your community zzz