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Found 2 results

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 vs.1 Gunfight Tournament Hey Game Punch Players, On August 16th, 2020 @Chaos Boss and I will be hosting a Modern Warfare 1 vs. 1 Gunfight Tournament! It will be a 18 man tournament. Chaos and I will be spectating the whole tournament. I will host a single private-match and we will all join into it. Once in only the 2 people that are actively participating within the match may pick a team. Everyone else will be sitting in a Cod-Caster/Spectator seat, until it is their time to fight. It will be a double-elimination system. Meaning if you lose, don't fret! You can still bring it back to the finale, you just have to play smart. You can play on your console with us! Just make sure to still sign-up and respond to the thread. On event day you are also required to still join discord! Sign-Ups: (No sign-up is required, just answer the questionnaire, it will help things move a little more smoothly on the event day!) Schedule: The event will start at 12pm EST, 11am CDT and 9am PST. All participants will be required to join the lobby and join into the discord channel at the given time. There will be a total of 34 rounds in this tournament. Prizes: (These are currently subject to change, if changed prizes will be of equal or higher value as before) 1st Place: $50 Steam Gift Card 2nd Place: $25 Steam Gift Card 3rd Place: $25 Steam Gift Card Getting a Slot: Go to the sign-ups link. Use your GP name and sign-in to the brackets for the tournament. Then once you've finish reply to the thread letting me know you have completed this. Reserved Slots: There will be 7 reserved slots available. In-order to get a reserved slot, you must preform the same action. Go to the sign-ups link use your GP name and sign-in to the brackets for the tournament. It will put you on a waiting list in the bracket. I can see exactly which number you came in at. At that point you will come back and reply to the thread letting me know you have completed this. I will keep a updated list on this thread. To let everyone know who will be there. Player List: MajesticMr Alex4123 Karrosiv SleepingForest Edubb44 Cowfee Stinky_Pete_ SneakyBeakyCSS veryblueberry Gunner813 Spud Xidle Reserved List: If you have any questions regarding the event, message I or Chaos a DM on the forums. Or you can reach us within the Discord. There will be no cheating of any kind. This includes ghosting! - Events Team Please give Chaos a big round of applause for sponsoring another event for me! I appreciate you @Chaos Boss. You have made me love this community more than I ever dreamed I would, by having my back and helping me when it was needed.
  2. Game Punch Event Hello Game Punch Players, Today on 7/10/20, @Gunner813 , and I will be hosting a Event, with 2 separate game rooms being hosted by the both of us and will have groups of 2 with 12 participants in each. In case you aren't aware, "" is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game where players in a lobby will either guess or draw images, and those who do the best can win. The faster you guess the more points you are given and the higher the others rate your drawings the bigger the score you receive! Schedule : First the event will start at 8 PM EST, and the participators of both of the 2 groups will be required to join a given discord channel with the 12 of us in each of them. One will be ran by Gunner and the other by me. (24 People for the entire event) There will be a total of 5 rounds for each of the games/groups. The top 3 who score the highest on each group will eventually come together (6 players + me and gunner / 8 players ) to a final 2nd game with a total of 10 rounds, and at the end the top 3 who score with earn the prizes, then the event is over. Prizes: Two $20 steam gift cards for 1st place. One $20 dollar steam gift card for 2nd place. One $20 dollar steam gift card for 3rd place as well. Filled Up Slots: 17/22 How to get a slot: Just reply to this thread saying "I want a slot" or something along those lines and you're in! Reserve Slots: If the slots are somehow filled up before the event starts, still reply to the thread and we'll PM you on discord if there are any no-shows present on the server. (To see specific players, refer to @Gunner813‘s list below. ) If you have any questions regarding the event, feel free to shoot me or Gunner a DM. (Shout out to gunner for the event overall idea) - Events Team PS: Also if you are suspected of cheating in any form or fashion, you'll be disqualified from winning any prizes, no saying what the drawings are intentionally on mic or in chat either. Also, no vote kicking players unless they’re afk.