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Found 17 results

  1. (CONTEXT): Slighty got slapped lol
  2. phatho

    Best Warden

    Who Would you think is the best at being warden i would say Daddynoob
  3. Hello, To give a bit of background... I am DyNamic and I am a brand new player to the GamePunch community. I have been around CS:S for what seems like an eternity now... but if I had to guess it would be around 10 years or so. During these years, I have experienced every single gamemode and have good knowledge all around about the game. Saying that, however, there are multiple gamemodes that I took a break from, and that includes jailbreak. Jailbreak has always been a love-hate relationship for me. I remember having so much fun back in the day yet so much stress from the uncertainties of every round. It was all I was doing at one point in my life. Because of this long siesta break from jailbreak, I have become ignorant towards the rules and such. I know the basics, but not much else. As far the community of GamePunch, I'm not too familiar with the server however I vaguely remember something like this back then (maybe with a different name?) This website is very well made - honestly lost my breath when I first saw it. I love the theme, glowing buttons, and easy UI Navigation. This server and community has been a welcomed surprise when I decided to hop back on Jailbreak. I can honestly say if it wasn't for the friendly and knowledgeable staff, consistent fun, and great community I probably would've just skimmed past Jailbreak again for who knows how long. Thanks for bringing me back - and keep up with what you are doing with this website!
  4. Some of you know I'm making a video, for a particular section of it, it is entirely favoritism. I find FURIOU$FRED hilarious. I want to make a section-dedicated to FURIOU$FRED clips. Anything goes. I already have 9 clips, but only about 4 or 5 of them are really funny. if you have a clip of Fred, upload it to YT, and then paste the link in this forum, ill take care of the rest. Thanks in advance if you help me!!
  5. I'm noticing a lot of new kids either don't know or have forgotton how to use the console command. This and also the auto switch to better weapons, which is something i learned the hard way. I think if you could add where to find these in the settings, also warn new players that they need to switch the weapon setting to off, in either the rules or explanation to your sever might help with the confusion. Just food for thought no need to actually act upon these
  6. Hi friends, my internet bill came, it's off until further notice. Whoops Xoxo -Viktor
  7. So... it has been brought to my attention lastnight that @Element115 may not be everyone's local and favorite warden. Well, it is time to decide once and for all! Please vote honestly and truthfully, so we can ban Element115 permanently. EDIT: I was informed by my superiors that we cannot ban him based on this poll. [But maybe just mute him everytime he says, "It's your local and gayest favorite Warden, Element115."]
  8. So I was asked to do this by BONKERS and TOMGREEN. The Skin was made by khaotik and darkelfa, I simply added the GamePunch Logo to the skin. Huge shoutout to @Bonkers and TomGreen for the challenge... In-Game ScreenShots Hi-Def Rendering Texture File t_phoenix.tga ZIP FILE WITH ALL FILES INCLUDED FOR SERVER-SIDE (If I messed up anything, just let me know. It's been a while... Like 3 years... Little Rusty...) GP Skin by NATION.rar Alright guys, I need to know what do y'all think? Yes, No, Maybe? What would you change? Should I do this for more skins? Thanks for the support as always... EDIT:
  9. I've been thinking about this a little bit and I think if we added a store with hats and glasses into jailbreak it would balance out MG and JB a little bit. I noticed that people flocked to mg because of the store option I could be wrong but I still think it would balance it out a little bit. Just an idea, opinions would be nice
  10. we need a because some people get confused with shot4shot and it will only be shot4shot. and if they add it make places where you throw the gun like the rings of the LR race but of different shape or color and with the modes of: the furthest toss or the closest to X part
  11. I think Ts should be able to TK with quirks on the map. The objective of being a T is to get LR, so if Ts could TK (with out being slayed) they get closer to LR. Getting LR on jail is kinda competitive on jail (and is the whole point of being a T (maybe playing the minigames but mostly to get LR)). If this is implemented, then we should just get rid of the rule *[C12] Teamkilling is a slayable offence, unless a game is being played (dodgeball, etc.) * Or do something liike CSGO jail servers and have a latenight mode. During latenight, AFK freeze lasts until the warden gives another order, and TKing is allowed. Latenight is usually 8 pm CST to 4 am CST. but the time may be shifted to adjust to the popularity of our server
  12. Ok so I was thinking about it and I thought it would be a cool idea amongst members to have differing member ranks for different amounts of time spent on the server. This isn't like a super server changing idea cause I don't think the different ranks should have different perms but it would be cool to have something showing how long you've been active. Any thoughts?
  13. Gamers rise up When the warden dies, we rise! Join the fight gamers! We need to rise up to fight against boring wardens! Get fucking owned P.S. Happy Birthday Gracie
  14. Ok, so I want to propose a change to the MOTD. This was brought up multiple times during the community meeting, myself included. The issue I have is with the current rule on baiting. As of right now, it's stated that baiting is being within knifing distance or on top of a T's head. Which yes are examples of baiting but I believe the rule should be expanded to include a broader definition. Knifing distance is almost directly next to a T which means you can still get incredibly close without it being considered baiting and it allows CT's to do stupid things like getting very close to a large group of T's who are only 3-4 steps away and could easily be knifed. I just think that there should be a clause added to make it so baiting is defined as getting to close to T's instead of just knifing distance. Of course, I'm open to discussion and anyone who would like to help create a more concrete rule. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk
  15. Sean

    Player Slots

    The current player slots in the server is 30 players (30 players can join the server at any given time, and 30 players can play) However, there is a big problem arising almost every night where the server is full. It would be beneficial to up the player slots to 40 or even 50 but maintain a limited amount of players that can join each team (20t's and 10 ct's) meaning that those waiting can spectate but still feel welcomed to the community. Peace, Sean
  16. Hi everybody, My name's Velmeezy. I play jailbreak sometimes. You guys have a good thing going here and I want to support your growth and expansion. See you all around
  17. Last night I was on the jailbreak server and I was rebelling, and it was down to me and 1 other T so I selected my LR, and chose Russian Roulette with another CT. I was out of my cell not following orders but I had not killed any CT's or anything(it was a really really quick round), as soon as I won the LR I was told I was breaking a rule about getting LR while a rebel. I don't think this particular instance broke a rule, as it was not a war day. What do you guys think? How should we handle instances like this, where I am technically a rebel, but the game does not consider me one.