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This is a rule break down, beginner round orders and general tips for being a warden on Jailbreak.

This is not a universal guide and will not apply to other servers given a different rule set.

Rule definitions have been created upon my experience and by checking more interpret-able rules with Indi.

If you see errors or think something is not correct, don’t be a dick about it, post reasoning and revision so it can be changed where applicable.



CT Rules break down – (Rules are not in order for the sake of categorisation)

Rules left without description are self-explanatory


If a player has a mic on CT, he or she takes priority over a non-mic player as warden.

-CT’s do NOT require microphones but must leave warden for those who do until no remaining CT’s with microphones are alive.




CTs cannot camp in OR around secrets and armoury

CT’s should NOT be in Cells, in the general area of secrets or blocking secrets / weapons naturally spawned.

CTs cannot break secrets, unless they visibly see a T inside secret.

- CT’s must always see a T using a secret. CT’s further should NOT be waiting at secret entrances on round starts.

CTs cannot pick up/move secret weapons in their original position.

- Naturally spawned weapons should not be moved, if they cannot be avoided, lead the T’s elsewhere or on an alternative route.

CTs pursuing rebelling Ts must use same secret as rebelling T. The CT must see the T using the secret.

- CT’s can NOT take joining secrets to cut a T off. This is especially highlighted for maps such as Spy vs Spy and maps with 1 use teleports.




CTs must leave armoury by 6:30.

- CT’s should only be re-entering armoury to pursue a T who has been seen within armoury. If there are alternative routes to pursue the Rebel then these should be taken.

CTs should not be near Ts.

- CT’s who can be knifed while a T is frozen, is baiting. If a T moves towards a CT in order to get a knife hit then this T is a Rebel, regardless of whether damage is dealt. This includes T’s jumping to hit a CT.

CTs cannot freekill OR warning shot Ts.

- Don’t shoot people without a given reason and further clarify all warnings and who the warning applies to when handing to T’s. CT’s may warn as many times as they like but only 1 is required before killing a T on second offence.

 CTs cannot gun plant T (give them weapons or face back to Ts).

- Being near a T and failing to move when told or dropping a gun constitutes as gun plant. This also applies if a CT knowingly lets a T pursue a weapon or a secret and falls under CT’s failing to do their role.

CT's cannot give wordplay orders (ie. 'Face your back to the back of the cell)

- Word play orders include orders that specify more than 1 direction to turn that are otherwise contradicting or confusing. Further using words that sound like an area of the map but are not i.e. all T’s go-to dispo.

All non-Warden CT's MUST give a verbal warning, and must warn T by name to drop weapon.

- should give 1 warning before killing a player. CT’s without a mic can give chat warnings, be cautious that T’s will likely not pay attention to these. T’s who willing go out of their way to pick up a weapon are rebelling, T’s who pick a gun up while following CT orders due to it being on route require warnings. T’s who pick up a gun in cell or out of sight of a CT must be warned to drop unless the T points or shoots the weapon.

Team killing can get you slayed, swapped, and if repeated CT banned or banned all together.

- Team-killing is killing your team-mate by means of using map props or mini-games with a damaging feature. These punishments are usually mod discretion.

CTs cannot kill T's for picking up weapons, but can kill for passing a weapon after instructed not to..

- Any T who fails to do a specifically aimed order can be considered a rebel by failing to do this order. This also applies to mini-games.




Favouritism is not allowed.

- Favouritism is allowing an exception for a player where another play was previously penalised for the same offence. If you kill one T for delaying, you should kill others who do the same.

Wardens are allowed to offer pardons to rebelling T’s. These include T’s who run to weapons, damage or attempt to damage CT’s, and T’s who use secrets.

Players who delay orders are not considered rebelling but can be warned and killed by CT’s.


CTs cannot give in-cell orders.

- If cells are shuts CT’s can NOT tell T’s to freeze or do actions. CT’s can only kill T’s in cells if they re-enter, move cell or use a secret. T’s already out of cells should be given out of cell orders or specifically targets orders.

CTs cannot force Ts to crouchwalk.

- Crouchwalking is the action of using the set walking key with the set crouching key, this results in an extremely slow movement. Default keys for this are Shift + Ctrl.

Warden must give T's a repeat if asked.

- If a T is asking for a repeat, CT’s must give a clear response. If other CT’s / T’s are speaking over warden you should further repeat it when it is quiet. If you can’t repeat it clearly then do NOT shoot delaying T’s until you can give the orders clearly.

- If a T is repeatedly asking for repeats on each order warn them for delay. If a T can NOT listen to an order that is not the wardens issue. This is exempt if the warden is repeatedly interrupted.

CT's cannot order T's to go back into cells.

Once a T has left the cell they can NOT be forced back into a cell unless being requested to drop a weapon into a cell or the CT is demonstrating a cell based game i.e. a parkour.

'AFK Frozen' order can only be given once per round.

- Orders requiring a T to face a direction In static positions are only to be done once per round. This includes during games such as Simon says.

- Games can however make T’s look in a direction but not while frozen i.e. Cliff hanger (face ceiling walk to edge of big cage)

Cells must be open by 6:00, or a 'CT slay day' will result.

Cells must ALWAYS remain open once opened at the beginning of the round.

Warden can allow another CT to open cells, but it is warden's responsibility to have cells open by 6:00.

- Warden(s) / CT’s directed by warden(s) must open the cells at 6:00. The cells must remain open at all times throughout the round.

- It is a CT’s responsibility to ensure cells are re-opened if a T shuts them (This is exempt during wardays)

Skill based games must be demonstrated by warden first.

- Games that require some level of learning or repeated practise in order to complete a task are skill based. i.e. Bhop / Long jump strafes. Games implemented into the map do NOT require demonstration.

'Fish in a Barrel' is not allowed; CTs must open door completely before firing upon Ts.

- All doors and / exits should be opened to a closed off area before killing T’s. A CT can NOT be sat inside waiting to kill.

CTs may be swapped to T by admin if gameplay is lacking

- Lacking gameplay includes, slow or otherwise non-progressive orders, repetitive rounds with similar / same orders that fail to complete the round, No orders at all, multiple wardays exceeding limit of 2, and multiple CT’s failing to do their roles.

- These are enforced on Mod+ discretion.

Simon may only be referred to as Simon.

- Simon can NOT be any other name and can NOT use word play within simon says to make it sound like simon says i.e. bimon says.

- Warden kills only unless stated otherwise.

Warden kills only until the warden says otherwise. Rebelling Ts can be killed by any CTs.

- CT’s must give at least 1 warning per T before killing them. Warnings must consist of name and reasoning and do NOT carry over on new orders unless delaying, detouring or round specific orders i.e. Jump to die, run to die.

CTs can only refer to Ts as "T's", no other names.




Wardays expand at 4:00, and CTs are allowed to use secrets to expand

CTs must leave Wardays by 2:00, and are allowed to use secrets to expand

No more than 2 wardays can be called in a row.

Warden must open cells on wardays.

-          If a CT is willing to open cells warden can direct them to do so.




Round OrdersGreen text is example orders.


Upon taking warden you should immediately neutralize T’s who are already out of cell

-          Out of cell freeze

Further proceed the round by giving orders for when cells are open. This order is to rally the T’s into one group or to check the T’s over. You have two options, gun check now or wait until they are together. This example is assuming we know who has a gun based off of cell and want to get it away from cells rather than keep it in one.

-          All T’s when cells open rush to the cell stairs and unstack shoulder to shoulder, face the back of cells and AFK freeze.


AFK Freeze – T’s must face the given direction and freeze. This freeze means no flashlights, mouse or WASD movements. You can enforce no sprays and night vision but that’s not necessary.

Shoulder to Shoulder – T’s must be lined up next to each other with their shoulders touching another players shoulders. They should be facing a uniform direction.

Unstack – They shouldn’t be on each other’s heads or inside each other by means of the ‘!stuck’ command.

Rush – This means the T’s can run there. If a T crouches or shift walks (slow walks) then they are delaying.

Face back of cells – This is the general direction all T’s should be facing. Some players will face to the sides if you don’t specify the back of cells.


The second option is to keep T’s at their cells

-          Take one step out, face the back of your cell, and AFK freeze.


Either of these two orders all you to monitor the T’s with weapons and safely remove them. From here you can remove the gun and allow the T’s to freeze and assume looking around. If you forget to say this T’s can look around 30 seconds from the AFK freeze order.

-          T’s can now free look / regular freeze.


Now you have removed the gun and gathered the T’s, we are assuming your fellow CT’s have tracked any rebelers and killed them, you can proceed to choosing what happens throughout the round. You can ask T’s what activities they want to do on the map or decide yourself.

I will assume we are playing a map with colours (colors for all you amerinerds) and skipping rope. You have decided these are the games you want to play this round so you need to lead the T’s there. As warden you can hold E to submit a laser pointer to make T’s follow or you can further direct them with your spray, which further allows CT’s to see where T’s are meant to be.

It’s important you keep all your T’s in sight of your CT’s so make sure prior to moving the T’s as a group you cover possible rebel routes pre-movement.

-          CT’s, I need one behind them, one with me, one in EXIT 1 and one in EXIT 2

You can now proceed to move the T’s but make sure you are controlling them at all times. This can be done by restricting certain movements and speeds such as jumping and running.

-          All T’s, SHIFT WALK to my SPRAY / LASER every time I SPRAY / POINT and FREEZE. JUMP TO DIE.

If you’re lacking on gameplay and the round is slow, it’s suggested you speed things up a bit more and be a bit less lenient with commands and give faster paced orders.

-          All T’s RUSH follow my SPRAY / LASER every time I SPRAY / POINT and FREEZE. JUMP TO DIE.

The order should always point out the highlighted features.

The speed of which the T’s can move

Where the T’s are to move to

When the T’s are to move

What the T’s do when they reach the destination

What the T’s can’t do while doing this. (Restrictions)


Once you have the T’s at the game you are playing, give the order for the T’s to go in. Be sure that T’s do NOT interfere with the game prior going in, this can be avoided by before reaching the game.

-          All T’s rush into [GAME] and freeze in the game. Touch buttons to die.

Once inside the game you should tell T’s the rules of the game, whether or not they can jump, cheat or block and further what triggers the end of the game.

-          When the game starts, T’s can/can’t block, jumping is/is not restricted,

cheating is allowed/ cheat to die, do/ do not leave the game when finished.

-          Game will stop at [X amount] of T’s left / Live for LR.

If another game is being played, stopped it at a higher amount of T’s and follow previous orders above to re-locate the T’s. Once at the new game repeat the game rules and end game trigger.

Now you have 2 T’s left (hopefully) you can direct them to do LR. You can set a specific time for T’s to do LR or just let them do it themselves. It’s best to set a given time to speed up gameplay.

-          Do LR by 3:30, must be in an active LR by this time or die.

Some T’s do custom LR’s which might not involve the !LR system, you can direct them to pick knife fight if they wish to choose this however so they are actively in an LR and showing they can’t rebel.


Winner wins, round ends.


Games to play mainly aimed at razor


As warden you need to keep T’s occupied throughout the round, whether this means you are playing one main game to take out the T’s or moving around to different games, you need to do something.

Some wardens start off with games such as Trivia so even out teams or to take a few T’s out before starting a game.

If map games are available, just use as many of them as possible.

Cliff hanger – T’s stand on top of big cage, face the ceiling with flashlights on and walk in a straight line from one side to the other without falling off. Most ask T’s to crouch and stand up once they complete the movement. Closest to the edge without falling wins. Warden sets the prize prior to starting the game.

ParkourA game that requires you to complete a movement or set of movements mirroring the warden (where applicable) These parkour’s can be done in cells as a climb from one object to another, ladder strafes or gap crouches.

Floor is lavaTouch the floor to die. This can be done on maps with moveable / closely placed objects that T’s must jump to. CT’s can ‘sink’ objects and restrict them to increase difficulty.

A to B – CT’s can make T’s run from one safe zone to another while allowing a single CT to knife the T’s with left click only. This game is REFUSABLE due to the CT being able to pick a target.

Duck hunt – T’s Jump off a specified diving board while CT’s shoot AWPS to kill them before they hit the water.

Hide’n’seek Hide and seek rounds are MOD+ discretion where T’s hide from CT’s and are killed when found. I variate the game to give the T’s the chance by making CT’s Knife only.

Joke / Talent days T’s can tell a joke or show a talent in order to live. CT’s discretion on who lives. REFUSABLE.

PokemonT’s answer a trivia to determine a “pokemon master” who picks fellow T’s one by one to knife fight the CT’s chosen fighter.

Primary, secondary, nade, knifeWarden ask’s T’s to face away and individually asks them whether he/she has a primary, a secondary, nade or a knife out. CT’s must give clues as to which is being taken out. These clues can be in the forms of numbers, shooting / using the item or giving descriptions. i.e. 1 = primary as it’s 1st slot. 7 bullets = secondary deagle with 7 bullets. Etc.

Refusable if no clues are given.

Couch game T’s pick a couch in VIP (razor) and a CT numbers them. The CT asks T’s if they want to stick or move once the losing couch has been announced in CT chat. T’s on loosing couch die or face a set penalty.

High or Low Warden types a number in CT chat from 1 – 20 and asks a T if they think the number is higher than 10 or lower. T dies if wrong / separated.

v1 What’s in your lunchbox CT ask’s T what’s in your lunchbox, T must say an item in their lunchbox. CT kills if they don’t like. REFUSABLE

v2 What’s in your lunchbox CT's type a restricted food / food category into CT chat and T's must say what is in their lunchbox. If the T's food falls under the CT's named food category the T dies. NON-REFUSABLE

Tic tac toe ­ - CT’s can challenge a T or put two T’s against each other in Tic tac toe. CT’s are dots so they can shoot away from T, T’s are a line. This can be played with a spray.  https://gamebanana.com/sprays/13344

Simon Says – T’s must listen to Simon when Simon gives orders. i.e. Simon says jump. T’s must jump once. If Simon doesn’t say and a T does the order, the T dies. New games state the end of simon says.

Red Light, Green lightA CT lines the T’s up at one point and gets them to run to another point only when it is stated Green. If T’s run when a CT says Red, the T dies. MIC DELAY SHOULD BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.


General Tips

Be strict where you need to be. If T's are repeatedly delaying or running in and out, give warnings (as CT) or kill them (as warden). Further Read the rules. These are CT specific rule break-downs. T's That attempt to knife are rebels, act accordingly.

There are more under T which will help you warden and get rid of T's such as Ninja steps being KOSable (Kill on sight) and T's knifing secrets are KOS.

ALL nades are KOS. Nades give T's an advantage over a CT, even if they don't damage, these usually lead to easy kills if you need to get rid of players.

Record your rounds if you're worried about being a CT. Players should be respecting you regardless of your abilities and can further help if you are penalised for correct decisions. 

Don't be afraid to kill large amounts of T's if you need to. If all T's fail to do the order correctly you don't have to warn them, I would advise you do warn and further get clarification from mod+ or fellow CT's who are on to solidify you're in the right. If you plan to do an order which you think T's might fail to understand (if it's allowed and within the rules) then record before the round starts. 

Admins and mods are people too, they will also fuck up, don't be scared to kill them and then make posts if they decide to slay you. 

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All revisions confirmed by indi. https://i.imgur.com/Xa54Jry.jpg

Wardens can NOT tell T's to use secrets. This is implied for all orders, including Game related.

VIP Ladder on RAZOR is a SECRET and should NOT be used by CT's. T's using it are rebels.




Further read 

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Awesome! I'm sure this will help many people!

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added 2 unknown / un-enforced revisions in 2nd edit post.

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This bump is for the benefit of newer players

Please direct to post 2 of this thread for further JB material





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