GamePunch Updates: 1st October 2019

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   GamePunch Updates: October 2019   

        ◉  October 1st 2019

Hello everyone!

Being that there is so much going on currently in the GamePunch universe, I thought I would create an announcement to re-cap what is currently happening:

 Discord Nitro Boosts

As of today, we have reached Level 2 of the Nitro Boosts rewards on our Discord server! Currently, we are only 5 boosts away from Level 3, which includes a custom vanity URL (i.e ' If you have Discord Nitro, please feel free to boost our Discord so we can reach this level! 



 DarkRP Launching This Friday!

That's right! The GamePunch DarkRP is officially launching THIS FRIDAY NIGHT (EST time)! Be sure to attend the DarkRP launch this Friday for awesome in-game prizes, as well as some other goodies. More information will be provided during the launch.


 Forum Updates

There has been a minor update to the forums; the user profiles has been updated so it provides more information in post-view. It seems to be pretty mobile-friendly, but if you have any issues or bugs, please let me know.

 Halloween Jailbreak Updates

For the month of October, we will be replacing some of the Jailbreak maps with Halloween themed versions. If there are any Halloween Jailbreak maps you'd like to have on the server for the month, please post below!

 GamePunch Promotions

I'd like to take the time to give a special mention to a few individuals who were recently promoted:

These individuals has shown great dedication and leadership skills, and are great role models for the community. Please feel free to congratulate them!

Thank you!


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Also, a Knowledge Base has been created on the forums. You can view the help documents here:

Forgot to add, !basics text command has been added to Jailbreak. Feel free to encourage newer players to use this command to understand the Jailbreak gamemode in-depth.



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Its crazy to see all the changes we have added and October isn't even over yet...

  • Tons of DarkRP additions
  • New Warden Plugin
  • New Special Days for Jailbreak

Glad to see that even 10 months in, the community is still getting better and better.

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