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GamePunch DarkRP Launches NOW!

It's launch day, and I wanted to provide everyone with some updates, statistics, and more! But firstly, I want to extend a thank you to everyone who stuck it out through the unstable, and at times frustrating beta launch of the server. Without everyone's feedback and bug reports, this wouldn't be possible.

But most importantly, I'd like to thank the rest of the development team:

Lil Yeet, who put countless hours into installing and configuring plugins

Alex, who helped blacklist props and wrote all the jobs

Their dedication and help is greatly appreciated.

What features does the server have?

  • Custom money printers
  • Banking system with interest
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Jewelry robbery
  • Weed growing
  • Gambling
  • Vapes
  • Corn/Wheat Gang
  • Lots and Lots of Cars
  • Boats
  • and much more!


-The entire code base for the server is over 960,000 lines of LUA

-We saw over 236 unique players join the server since the public beta launched

-The economy before launch was worth over 200 trillion dollars

-The server has over 100 custom add-ons

-We implemented roughly 80% of the communities suggestions

-The server took 1 month to go into private beta, then another week until public beta

-The total development cycle was nearly 2 months

-There was a total 6 contributors


For launch, we have wiped the economy, excluding the money of those who donated for VIP and above ranks. As a token of my appreciation for everyone's help, I set everyone's money to $150,000, which is 3 times the regular starting money.

We have several bug fixes, new jobs, features, and more.  That being said, there will STILL BE BUGS. If you observe a bug, please report it immediately. 

Additionally, I have been informed by @Glow that we will be opening Moderator applications for the server today!

Please become familiar with the rules by looking HERE.

If you have been active during the beta, or know Garry's Mod well, we could use your help. If you are worried that you aren't familiar with GMod admin commands, worry not! I have been working on an extensive internal training guide so we can get you up to speed.

A Final Note:

This server will be a continuous development project for a while. We want to implement as many of the communities suggestions as possible.  Please leave your suggestions HERE. We will also be adding new jobs and perks for VIP and above donators as well, so keep your eye for those!

I'm very excited to have worked on this project, and look forward to a successful GamePunch expansion into Garry's Mod. 

Thank You,


Your Local and Favorite Warden


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