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This Changelog is the place where ALL changes will be documented, including changes to rules, applications, new/modified plugins, and other various items. It is the responsibility of the party who made the change to document here in the table with the newest item at top following the first example. This shall remain public for all registers users to see.


Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Performed By Description Link (if applicable)
2/27/2021 @Skooma Removed server listing from the forum homepage, and added a server list tab to the navbar. Server List
02/14/2021 @Glow Removed several unplayed maps on Jailbreak server. N/A
02/07/2021 @Dunder B09 changed. Jailbreak Rules
01/26/2021 @Dunder Changed member apps to be open
for 14 days.
Read Before Applying
01/24/2021 @Dunder Made "Rust Server Manager" rank and
gave to @Skooma
01/16/2021 @Dunder Released new Prop Hunt rules. Prop Hunt Rules
01/16/2021 @Dunder Released new 5v5 rules. 5v5 Rules
01/16/2021 @Dunder Released new Casual rules. Casual Rules
01/16/2021 @Dunder Released new Minigames rules. MInigames Rules
01/15/2021 @Dunder Released new Jailbreak guide. Jailbreak Guide
01/15/2021 @Dunder Released new Jailbreak rules. Jailbreak Rules
01/14/2021 @Dunder Moved the Rule Change/Addition
Proposal Process thread into
its own sub-forum, process
public and in-place.
Rule Change/Addition Proposal Process
01/12/2021 @Dunder Moved this thread to the Knowledge
Base section of the forums, making it
officially public.
01/11/2021 @Dunder Changed minimum TLS version
to 1.2.
01/10/2021 @Dunder Fixed members not being able
to spray on Minigames.
01/10/2021 @Dunder@Logical Added VanityURL capability to
GP Discord Bot.
01/10/2021 @Dunder Modified CTBans Webpage to add
pagination to show only 15 CTBans
at a time, other bug fixes.
CTBans Site
01/08/2021 @Dunder Created new Changelog template. GamePunch Changelog



Note to editors of this post:

Nothing should ever be deleted from this post or modified except for spelling mistakes and similar things. This changelog is intended to be public for everyone who visits the forums to see.

To edit the post, copy the block below, click on the "Source" button on the top left, paste it ABOVE the most recent entry and under the table header, click "Source" again, and fill it out.



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