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    • I mean it's a legitimate order. HOWEVER.  My only issue with that order is when wardens go full retard, gives the order then proceeds to unwarden and hunt people down and comes back to killing people that aren't doing that order and claim they can do that because "its in the rules"..... And it's not.... Personally, I don't care for the order. I don't get how it's any different than telling the T's to freeze.  ^_^
    • Re: map cycle More than likely I will remove all maps from MG and upload a new folder of maps this weekend as well. If someone wants to take the liberty to compile a nice folder of fun, enjoyable maps, please feel free and I will take a look at it. If there's a map that you like that is no longer on MG, do not fret! It can always be added back. I'll update ya'll when this is done as well.
    • Update: Will be testing Oryx on MG this weekend. Will let you guys know when it's up and running 
    • the order "freeze crouch knifing the ground" is kinda annoying. Its basically an AFK freeze that Cts can use whenever they want multiple times a round.  Im not sure what others opinions on the order is but it would be nice to see this order to be put under the AFK freeze umbrella, or to have a time limit.
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