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    if you didnt mind if hes unbanned why ban him in the first place
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    Hi sisters!
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    pool is a pretty big place, maybe add Surf in there?
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    Noob does have a valid point tho. Gold and M4s were considered to be worth the same in weight. Now that gun control is at an all time high... (especially under a recent president of the US...) Weapons and ammo (for survival or self defense and to form a WELL REGULATED MILITIA) for civilian use is becoming scarce. Invest in a few rifles and boxes of ammunition, because Dogecoin will not save you when shit hits the fan and when it does... the first thing people will grab is their firearms. I could smuggle some ammo into canada, just gotta lift my jeep and put a snorkle on it
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    dude atleast its not a cap gun
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    Please stop arguing. Take it to DMs. It’s not happening here.
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    faking screenshots ? SHEEEEEESH
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    Oh I know. I go to three different stores weekly to pick up ammo. But I'm also lucky enough to know the guys behind the counter and give them $ to pull some off so I can purchase at a later time. I see the ammo prices on armslist and gunbroker. All of it is nearly a dollar per round. Shits crazy.
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    Okay now every good and fun people is leaving, welp bye! Wish ya luck in life
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    aw yili, u were like the best staff member I ever met, take care
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    admin team work together well me no admin me leadership me different
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