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    don't do cs:go bhop, literally the worst community ever and I know from setting up bhop servers in the past that the amount of work and people needed to get the server functioning is a lot. If anything do kz, or surf. That said, 1v1s or hns is nice, I wouldn't mind setting up one of those servers.
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    I’d be glued to a GP BHop server IF it was on CS:S. Edit: In actuality I would re-install CSGO for a GP Bhop server, but personally I’d rather it be on CS:S, although I understand that would only be to cater to our small community as even the most popular bhop servers on Source are empty most of the time.
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    the order "freeze crouch knifing the ground" is kinda annoying. Its basically an AFK freeze that Cts can use whenever they want multiple times a round. Im not sure what others opinions on the order is but it would be nice to see this order to be put under the AFK freeze umbrella, or to have a time limit.
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    I mean it's a legitimate order. HOWEVER. My only issue with that order is when wardens go full retard, gives the order then proceeds to unwarden and hunt people down and comes back to killing people that aren't doing that order and claim they can do that because "its in the rules"..... And it's not.... Personally, I don't care for the order. I don't get how it's any different than telling the T's to freeze. ^_^
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    While I enjoyed the Prop Hunt server and configuring it and setting it up, I believe we should close it due to lack of activity and interest as of late. What CS:GO server would you like to see in it's place? Bhop? Surf? Zombie Escape? Jailbreak? I am open to all ideas, so please voice your opinion and a strong reason to back up your opinion. Thank you.
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    Good luck homie. Don't get too worked up over all that. After school/college as long as you're competent in your field of study, you'll find a job & excel financially.
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    I got AP exams comming up so I'll pretty much be MIA until the end of next week while I study. For those who aren't familiar, AP exams are on par with the SAT or ACT (Undergrad standardized tests for colleges) except they are course specific, so more or less they are college courses for high school students in which if they do good on the exam they can earn college placement and credits. The grades can get directly sent to colleges and they will give you credits depending on if they accept your score, its graded 1-5 and only around 50% of people get above a 3 which is passing, some colleges will only accept scores of 4 or 5 which even less people get (around 30% get a 4, and 10% get a 5). For me these are pretty important, so I'm going to be spending pretty much all of my freetime on studying and preparing.
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    This is simply the first version but here it is! Already on the server too. Love feedback too. Known issues though: > Admin can be buggy. >One of the cells will need a ladder in future update. >slight lighting bug on the straw game. You can download it manually from here: https://gamebanana.com/mods/284411 Want the textures? Here: https://gamebanana.com/mods/284412
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    Yoooo this actually looks really well made. Good shit dude seriously.
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    now thats some dnb!!!
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    not that id play much as you all know what im like with my aim XD but a multiple 1v1 arenas sounds like it would be an awesome idea i could see that getting quite populated with our community not csgo jb though we r a community mainly based around css jb, it makes no sense to have a second jb server thats just going to take away from the other. the idea is to expand not build the wall higher XD
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    false cheating bans incomming oh nonono
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    It’s dead because you didn’t update it when CS:GO updated. Always tried to play on it. Always said outdated.
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    the servers I usually play its multiple 1v1 arenas with 2 big teams. once all the 1v1s are done a new round starts. I generally do it for practice but its still fun
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    Surf rap battle server or bhop.
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    Update: SourceTV has been removed (or should be). Also surfing should be smooth(er) on MG and JB as well with a plugin fix. Oryx is currently being looked at and will be tested on MG before implemented community-wide. This will be a slower process as I want to make everything is set up correctly and that this is infact better than Macrodox. I will post another update when it has been implemented and tested.
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    Games and rooms need labels/directions.
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    looks hot cant wait to try
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