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  1. What do you like more Arepa Empanada
  2. alexis loves cumcakes
  3. DasC15

    Summer Vacation

    december :'D
  4. i really think this would be a good idea, like i don't really like slaying ppl for choosing the same game 3 times, but there's a time when people can get bothered because some "skilled" player gets to pick the games all the time and then people just get bothered but anyway, i think it would be a great idea
  5. i really feel that It would be unnecessary anyway lmao i never used the radio commands in my life, even in another servers of jailbreak or another gamemode, idk for me its unnecessary, but idk about the opinion of other people
  6. So mine is english. yea, that's the only one the courses on my school are not bad but the teachers do boring classes
  7. good luck spud, take care man
  8. nerd (° ͜ʖ °)
  9. Literally Pepsi is the better one wtf
  10. cool dud having fun with him
  11. It's pretty fun if u're allowed to cheat in a game, like in msscastle in minefield you can just not walk on the mines and just go directly on the goal and win, but still pretty annoying that when u're a CT you have to tell "no cheating" in every game. I really think it should still like this
  12. I shall agree with bonfire, people should check the forums often, when I am online on this site I just see that there's like 10-20 people online, and there's a lot of players on this community
  13. how do I know what are the breached sites
  14. I like pretty much Ghostemane and Gorillaz
  15. DasC15

    Whats Better

    >JB >MG >Casual
  16. so what do I do lmao
  17. there is my attachment but I look more sick here
  18. android obviously, iphone sucks
  19. yea I don't have internet now, so I'm in mom's friend house to do my classes and shit but look at her internet speed
  20. te amo polar, seriously take care pls
  21. chocolate sucks, better Vainilla and Strawberry
  22. I liked that map, but I just played on that map like 4 times